Andrew Garfield On Entertainment Weekly


Credit: EW.

  • Anonymous

    Hesss hottt. Omg…

  • CWT

    This movie would have rocked with Jake White as Spidy. I still think they made the wrong choice off their short list.

  • NeverSayNever

    Ugh. First off, no one can come close to being as good as Kirsten and Toby. Second, Spiderman will never ever be the same. This is gonna be like completely different than the rest of the movies. :/

  • Anonymous

    i don’t really understand why they needed to make a new spider man? , and honestly i don’t think emma stone suits the role of mary jane , and toby McGuire and kirsten dunst are way better then these two, you can’t beat the original movies

  • Janelle


    Lol below picture “Credit EW” I know I’m lame for noticing that >.<

  • -Jenii

    Anonymous said:

    I’m I the only women who doesn’t think he’s hot?
    Nah.. everybody has different taste.
    I find him quite attractive tbh, but he always has that serious face

  • NickJorWhatever12

    He’s so fucking hot…

  • yelyah

    he doesn`t have the face to be spider-man

  • Anonymous

    What kind of face do you have to have to be spiderman? I didn’t think Toby McGuire was attractive at all…

  • CWT

    I totally agree. If you want to see who does have the face look up Jake White on IMDB his last movie was Hello Herman.

  • xJonasXCandyx

    He’s so hot :P.

  • Anonymous

    I’m I the only women who doesn’t think he’s hot?

  • JoeHoe15

    GAWD. He’s so hot!!!!! :D

  • Anonymous

    My ovaries just exploded.

  • Anonymous

    this guy has no charisma of spiderman

  • LoveSemi

    omg so freaking hot
    and i love emma stone :D