• Anonymous

    poor joe. it’s so rude to talk about ex-es in an interview!!

  • OhMy…

    I love ya, babe.. I loved this live chat

  • JoeHoe15

    I love you babe. I love how he always stays cool in every interviews. He knows how to handle it very well. ;)

  • dilemma

    LOL I love this guy and how he’s putting joe in the hot seat xD he wasn’t rude seriously he’s just a bit old xD he doesn’t understand the drama surrounding these topics (even though they’re not that much of a big deal imo :/ )
    and big LOL at the girl who didn’t have ice-cream
    joe’s like : WTF -_- ?
    and joe’s a sweet babe as usual :3

  • tash

    thank you. Thats exactly what i thought. Joe was like 17 or 18 in this pic. It was like 06 or 07. I randomly even remember seeing it in 07. It was some of the first pics of them on google. He looks nothing like this now. That see no more pic is everywhere. Just crop, re-size, copy and paste. 1 minute job. Not rocket science.

  • Anonymous

    YOu would think the Six Flags concert advertisers could find a more recent picture of Joe. I don’t see a 17 year old Jason Derulo pix.

  • evanescence


  • Anonymous

    Oh you do not call Matty rude. If you listened to him every morning you’d understand it’s just part of his schtick or his ‘character’ on the radio to act like that.

  • Anonymous

    This could have gotten really awkward if Joe had lost his cool. You could tell he was a bit uncomfortable and annoyed but handled it all professionally. IT makes you wonder whey they call someone a guest, but treat them like any thing other than one.

  • Anonymous

    He always handles himself so well

  • ImNotAnnoying

    ew…that old man.
    That guy was so rude.

  • Anonymous

    he’s the same old joe in this interview! he’s so sweet to the girls! the interviewer was hilarious! joe played off all his questions quite well!

  • Anonymous

    I loled