Zac Efron Dr. Suess The Lorax Trailer

  • Anonymous

    Too cute. I could spot his voice a mile away lol.

  • Lilly


  • Troll.

    Lilly said:


    SHUT UP.

  • Anonymous

    Video taken down. I can’t wait to see this trailer.

  • Anonymous

    i think i will take my wee sister to see this

  • BroadwayBoundBerry

    Isn’t Taylor Swift the girl?

  • Wtfx

    LOLOL Zac :}

  • Miranda

    Zac Efron and Taylor Swift in a movie together (even if it is just their voices) is adorable (:

  • Anonymous

    Please comment your honest opinions! Am i a good singer?!:)

  • Anonymous

    taylor’s voice sounds sooooo cute in this! and zac barely sounds like zac! i’m impressed. i defenitly am going to see this! more for taylor though.

  • Anonymous

    Umm….Taylor Swift’s in this too.

  • Oh SNAP

    Taylor Swift is in this <3

  • yogabbagabba18

    im seeing this for one reason and one reason only
    TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!