Justin Bieber Selena Gomez @ Wedding

>Jelena were expressing their love for each while walking down the beach in Malibu when the heard music on at a house party and decided to crash it when hearing one of Justin’s songs come on. Uninvited Justin told everyone:

‘We just crashed it. We heard a party so we decided to just come. So let’s party.’ Popular Justin graced the party with a brief presence and took pictures with his ‘One Less Lonely Girls’.


  • AcidPinkLemonade

    I think it was highly disrespectful of him to crash a wedding but whatever.

  • xFireBomb

    Oh my God! It’s Justin Bieber!

    Um, Selena was there too :/

  • Jasmine

    A wedding?! Wow. That is very disrespectful to crash a wedding. Celebrity or not. If it had been my wedding, I would’ve been extremely upset. It is the couple’s big day, and the spotlight should be on the newlyweds. Not on a young celebrity couple, TEEN couple, who don’t know the true meaning of love. I’m sorry. I’m a fan of Selena Gomez and all. But for them to do that, it’s just unbelievable.

  • clipsedsm95

    stop hating the people who got married obviously were excited. so they got a wedding gift dont be mad because he isn’t going to show at your’s…

  • Anonymous

    fucking little brat. once again, his fame is getting to him. you can’t just go and crash someone’s fucking wedding. idiot.

  • Anonymous

    that was pretty hilarious!

  • Anonymous

    love selena<3

  • Anonymous

    justin have an s & j in her shirt? thas so adorable!

  • super star10

    there so cute together.but isn’t justin like 16 and she’s like 18.all though age is no matter for true love.and people say justin is gay F that.some guys hate justin cuz they like selena and girls hate selena cuz they like justin.but what’s to hate about either one.what did they do to you.huh

  • attitude princess

    she’s right do not hate haters.what is there to hate about jelena.i mean it is so adoribole.and yes i know i spelled it wrong.

  • _kiwi_07

    celebrity or not, it’s totally rude to crash someone’s wedding.

  • KimKardashianKisses

    hahaha that guy who was filming this is funny “OH MY GOD IT’S JUSTIN BIEBER” haha love that guy

  • Anonymous

    I believe that’s the Sean John clothing line logo. Sorry doesn’t stand for Selena and The Dweeb.

  • rr

    This just shows that he has no class and she isn’t that sweet or innocent either. It’s just plan rude to do what they did. Way to go you two just ruined a brides wedding.

  • Anonymous

    lol nobody cared about selena.

  • Anonymous

    rr said:

    This just shows that he has no class and she isn’t that sweet or innocent either. It’s just plan rude to do what they did. Way to go you two just ruined a brides wedding.


    obviously they were more han happy to see justin there

  • Anonymous

    OMG ppl chill they didn’t walk into the middle of the ceremony It was the RECEPTION and they obviously didn’t care and were excited to see them. and for the person who said this was a publicity stunt like honestly this is like a cell phone video taken by some one at the party i don’t see how that makes it a publicity stunt.

  • shaCHEER11

    wow how tacky, crashing a wedding! if doesnt matter if youre a celebrity or not, thats just disrespectful

  • Aretheydoingit


  • harrypotterbitches

    they’re so effing cute together. IDGAF i love ‘em together <3

  • Anonymous

    what is this?

  • Anonymous

    ahh when her reached for her so cutee (L)

  • Anonymous

    OU are you serious? “Jelena were expressing their love for each as they were walking down the beach”. Melodramatic Much? It was a publicity stunt nothing more!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    that’s cute

  • Anonymous

    sorry but i can’t get over the fact that to me he still looks like a little kid :/

  • Better then Revenge

    barely any selena :(…just some idiot repeating the same thing that justin beiber is here

  • memi trumps sel

    um I didnt even see selena??? but anyways this was cute