Vanessa Hudgens SHORT HAIR TALK

  • Anonymous

    And not only did she cut her hair, but she gained weight for the role too. You can’t even tell now. But, she gained ten pounds.
    I’m proud of her, hopefully this gets her out of that nasty Disney stereotype.

  • Anonymous

    i actually like this on her.
    she’s 23 and time for a change. this makes her look mature, instead of having those long stringy extensions that make her look like she’s still 16.

  • Anonymous

    I think that the fact that she cut her hair for a movie just shows how committed she is.. I personally think she looks just as beautiful as she has always done, I think I maybe like this better, it makes her look older.. As for the movie it seems interesting.. Might go watch it..

  • themilenator

    I like her short hair like that she’s still beautiful :D

  • Anonymous

    she’s Sooooo Beautiful \
    We love you baby V

  • ProudofZacNessa

    Always she is pretty :D !
    Never someone can stole her pretty smile !
    I love u BABY V!

  • Anonymous

    She has such a beautiful face, I hope she keeps the short hair and never puts those ugly extension back in. It’s like Jessica Alba looked so much better once she chopped off her hair. You’re beautiful, Vanessa.

  • LoveableScar

    so it’s not a wig……… I like it though. Makes her look older. She still is pretty.

  • Anonymous

    i wish i could pull off short hair but i def can’t

  • Anonymous

    Really don’t like her no more now she even chopped her hair of for a movie how sad

  • Everythingyournot

    hairs ugly
    shes still VERY pretty

  • Anonymous

    never liked her

  • xGottaLoveOU?

    Then the girl really did cut her hair. :O