Dakota & Elle Fanning VOGUE SHOOT


Dakota & Elle Fanning featured in VOGUE. Dakota said: ‘I’ve been working since I was six, Elle since two. What you grow up with is what you become used to.’ Does the weirdness of being a teenager in the spotlight ever get on her nerves? ‘When you choose to do this with your life, you’re in the public and people watch you, But I’d rather do this than not.’

  • Anonymous

    They look like two dudes.

  • drinkmypoison

    Now they are brilliant

  • angelsmith90

    They both looks quite good and the hat is so sexy.

    watch bachelorette

  • Anonymous

    REAL actresses.

    And only 7 comments. These two actually WORK and have amazing roles rather than demi, selena, and miley who are only famous for looks and who they’re dating….

  • Anonymous

    they look pretty

  • Anonymous

    They are sooo stunning. Good rolemodels, so good at their jobs.

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  • dilemma

    damn they’re fucking beautiful :D
    such natural beauty for real
    they look like dolls

  • WakaWakaEhEh

    They looks so alike, that’s not how me and my sister are.

  • Anonymous

    they’re both gorgeous

  • Anonymous

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