Rebecca Black My Moment Behind Scenes

  • Melanie

    why are you all so mean. Let her be herself. She’s living her dream. she’s 13. Wouldnt you like to live your dream? but wait, would you like having people criticizing EVERYTHING about you? I dont think so. I dont LOVE Rebecca but I dont hate her either. Treat others the way you’d like to be treated, remember?

  • Anonymous

    i can sing 100000 times better than her, and i write my own lyrics that are way better than friday and i play guitar and im not famous so im not jealous of her, she sux

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    she’ll probably end up as a pornstar, she looks like she doesn´t give a shit if it´s through singing or acting or being the biggest joke on the internet, she just wants attention.

  • Tammy

    This girl is crazy she went pyscho on her mom see

  • Anonymous

    Rebecca Black sucks and needs to go away.

  • Anonymous

    this song is really good, compared to friday. people need to just shut up. half of the people that say she sucks and that they hate her, are most likely the people that can’t sing worth a shit. just saying! ok she isn’t that good of a singer, but neither is selena gomez or taylor swift( i am a fan of both of them so don’t call me a hater) but people love selena because of her acting and taylor is a really good writer so people love her for that. people write rebeccas songs and i don’t know or think she can act. But she has some what of a voice! and if she just keeps growing with her music, and her voice. she will get better. keep in mind she is 13 and her voice will mature and her songs will get better! its only a matter of time and you people will feel like assholes for hatin in the first place!!! just sayin!

  • Anonymous

    no offence but i’m a professional musician and i’ve studied music for a long time. I think Rebecca Black is neither a good singer or a good musician. I agree with the comparison between her and Selena because they both aren’t great singers and they both don’t play musical instruments but Taylor Swift writes her own music and plays guitar extremely well. I don’t think it’s fair for a girl who is still developing her voice and musical talent to become famous just like that. I just think she should work on her vocals for a few years before being introduced into the music industry as a “joke”.

  • Tinaa6336

    People tell me i look like her ……

    i don’t even know if i should take that as a complimant or not, lmao.

    & she seems kinda annoying -__________-

    but this song is a huge upgrade from friday thats for sureeeee!

  • ImNotAnnoying

    This song is stuck in my head.
    Please pray for me everyone.

  • Bieber006

    The way she acts is kinda annoying,
    But i like the song.

  • Anonymous

    who cares..

  • LoveToLove

    this is song is MAJOR upgrade when it comes to the lyrics as opposed to Friday

  • Anonymous

    fat head

  • Anonymous

    ou seriously stop to post about irrelevant people and such pathetic famewhore like her, no ones cares!