Vanessa Hudgens Short Haircut Bike Ride


Vanessa Hudgens riding bikes with her sister, Stella in Studio City, CA on their way to lunch on July 19. The star recently chopped off her hair for a new role in the upcoming movie ‘Gimme Shelter’.

  • Anonymous

    Soo sick of everyone cutting off their hair it looks ridiculous on them :S

    Has she gained weight?
    She used to be so pretty…

  • ElegantAngel13

    Wow. “Did she gain weight!?” is that all y’all can see here? How sad. Vanessa looks amazing! She is HEALTHY and who cares if she did gain weight whether its for her new movie or not its sad how thats all that matters in society today.
    Is Vanessa’s body your body? No, it isnt so leave her alone. Being skinny doesnt not define you as a person so shut up and get a life.

  • LoveableScar

    She did gain weight for the her movie. And happy she did. She looks great. Much older. Finally can get away from HSM .

  • Anonymous

    Vanessa Looks like a dude with her new hairdo.

  • xGottaLoveOU?

    If she’s happy with that short hair style then that’s all that matters I guess. :]

  • Anonymous


  • KimKardashianKisses

    I love her hair

  • LesleyrockLovesJonas

    She gained weight for the movie but who cares? :)
    The long hair looks better on her (I know she cut it for the movie; she is not crazy, it’s being proffesional :P) but I guess it’ll grow or she can put on extensions then hahhah
    She is still a really pretty woman :)

  • Anonymous

    She cut her hair and gained the weight for the movie!
    But even if she had cut her hair or gained weight just for her, then so what? It’s good to be curvy and not stick skinny like other celebs and having your hair cut is not the end of the world lol it’ll grow back and if she doesn’t like it she can put extensions on.
    And to some of you who are saying ‘why are celebs cutting their hair’ and blah blah blah, you make me laugh, so celebs are no longer allowed to cut their hair without your permission? Puh-lease, get your heads out of your asses lol
    Oh and btw I still think she looks gorgeous.

  • oceanUP

    she looks healthy like miley

  • Anonymous

    She’s pretty. and had to gain 10 pounds for a movie. she said she misses her old hair, and has to work with this hair for now. im sure she’ll get extensions soon

  • whoaMarina

    she’s not that pretty without make-up tbh.

  • Anonymous

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  • Dom

    She’s still pretty even with her hair that short…

  • themilenator

    I love her she looks stunning like always :)

  • angelsmith90

    I think she is on cycle, must be an eco friendly celebrity.

    watch america’s got talent

  • Anonymous

    for once can people comment without using those annoying shorten words?
    just spell out the word to be honest?
    lazy much?

  • ImNotAnnoying


  • Anonymous

    Shes crazy for cutting her hair off lol after shes done filming she will prob just get extensions anyway.

  • Anonymous

    did she put on weight? looks like it.

  • Anonymous

    seriously? did she put on weight? no wonder all these stars have eating disorders with everyone judging them like this, when they’re clearly still tiny. insane guys. She’s super skinny.

  • JustxLeex

    holy fuck. She looks kinda round & weird with this hair cut…

  • omg wtf lolz

    But I loved her old hair! :(

  • Anonymous

    She’s cute. Can’t wait to see “Gimme Shelter” next year. She said she gained 10 lbs for the movie and that was because her character is pregnant. That’s about how much weight you put on not counting the actual weight of the baby. She’ll be able to lose that fast by doing Yoga and eating right. And bike riding. :)

  • Anonymous

    Where’s her boyfriend*Josh?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous said:

    seriously? did she put on weight? no wonder all these stars have eating disorders with everyone judging them like this, when they’re clearly still tiny. insane guys. She’s super skinny.
    Shes actually NOT super skinny. skinny, yes, but shes not stick skinny nd thats what i love about her. shes proud of her normal sized curvy body. if this is what ppl call fat then fuck yea id rather be “fat” than stick-skinny any day

  • Anonymous

    why is everyone cuttting of their hair???