Emma Watson revealed: ‘I haven’t left Brown. I’m still enrolled at Brown. But I’m doing my third year abroad. I’m going to Oxford in the fall to study English for a year. I will go back to the States to do my last year. I took a semester off, but my credits actually count as an advance, I’m no further behind. I’m still technically going into my third year.’

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  • bleach

    awh, im glad to say that she’s the only celebrity i look up to. i just love how she manages going to college and how she loves studying even though shes so famous and still does an amazing job with acting. not many people do that. she’s incredible.

  • Anonymous

    So she said she’s going to Oxford, but OU has a title that says “returning to brown”

    Way to be a retard OU

  • kary_redfern

    I guess the rumors are true . She is very much like Hermione. A straight A student.

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  • LeaveMeTheFuckAlone

    love that she has a brain & a heart unlike most of the celebs now-a-days.

  • Tinaa6336

    My mom’s been wanting to go look at brown! She wants me to go there, i completley forgot Emma went there! I love Emma :) ahhhh!

  • Anonymous

    http://is.gd/XhEMlp <—- SHOCK ABOUT EMMA WATSON! WOW!

  • -Jenii

    such a inspiration <3