Vanessa Hudgens Morning With Mom


Newly shorthaired actress Vanessa Hudgens hitched a ride with Mommy Gina on July 20. The mother daughter pair headed to the Van Nuys DMV in California before heading to lunch in Studio City. Photos: Fame.

  • Wtfx

    She looks stunning
    GTFO haters

  • Chelsea-Rose

    She is a beautiful girl, but I much preferred her long hair, it worked better on her.

  • Anonymous


  • KimKardashianKisses

    loving her new hair

  • Anonymous

    she should have just worn a wig for the movie -.-

  • Anonymous

    i think her hair is gorgeous and vanessa looks so beautifull without her long hair =)and she is still one of the most beautifull girl in the world, love ya honey <3

    and btw, i don’t think that you guys are perfect, so why you just can’t be shut up? :/

  • lunalovegood

    still not sure if I like the short hair….

  • Anonymous

    Jeez, the hate some of you guys have for her is unbelievable, criticising her like there’s no tomorrow; just give her a break and go eat some cheerios or something, maybe that’ll cheer you up.

    She does look sophisticated there, I WANT THOSE SANDALS!! :L

  • Anonymous

    omg i would cry if i had to just chop my hair off… but i did like her with long hair a lot better. her hair was gorgeous :/

  • SunLight Princess

    Her hair looks ugly..

  • Anonymous

    she needs to go the fuck away,

  • Anonymous

    UGH!!! Now she looks like her mother! Cant you at least have it a better style Vanessa when the movie is over? Gersh!

  • Yewushh

    Um, needs a bra, her body doesn’t look THAT great. just saying.

  • s

    no comment..

  • Anonymous

    she looks so sophisticated!

  • themilenator

    SMH at some of the people hatin on her…
    I think she still looks beautiful

  • ImNotAnnoying

    That short hair isn’t working bb.