Zac Efron Danced @ Underground Club

In Chicago Sunday, Zac Efron stopped in for a drink by the bar before heading over to Underground for the club’s weekly dance party. Zac sat at a table near the DJ booth, but soon moved to the dance floor, where he got down to a five-minute medley of Michael Jackson songs.

  • Anonymous

    For a second, I thought that was Dylan Sprouse in the vid thumbnail..

  • Anonymous

    i cant play the video for some reason :(

  • Miranda

    This is like a mixture of different things.

    But I love Zac, and his rapping in the video. (:

  • JoeHoe15

    So handsome!!!! <3

  • Anonymous

    Your write up about Zac being in Chicago has nothing at ALL to do with the Robot Chicken video and the pix you posted. The two pix with fans were taken at the Phoenix Cafe in DeKalb, IL last Friday. And he was in Chicago Sunday night. Wow, no wonder ppl who read stuff on this site get confused.