David Archuleta HEAVEN Cover

+ pictures!

  • Anonymous

    INCREDIBLE, David kills this song. That “voice” is the best out there.

  • MEE

    He did a fantastic job on the heaven cover I just can’t believe his record company droped him seriously do they know what talent is :/

  • Anonymous

    This is SOOO amazing!! x_x he has an excellent voice.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing, hes is an incredible singer that song was awesome and so heart wrenching.

  • Anonymous

    Mee, David was not dropped from Jive, he chose to leave and has been offered record deals from other labels. He is trying to figure out what direction to go on his own for awhile. Heaven was out of this world and David’s voice is like no other artist out there. Takes you to a different level!

  • Anonymous

    Actually his record co. did not drop him….the media reported it that way, but David said in a v-log and interviews that he parted ways with them because they wanted to go in a different direction…he also dropped his management. David even said that they tried to get him to stay and that he had offers from other record co. but he wanted to try it on his own. From the Asian tour looks like he made a wise decision. They are going crazy over there for him…packed concerts and at one mall all you could see was people and he wasn’t even performing. It was just a public interview but he did sing a song acapello for the fans there. He got tons of promotion from Sony there etc. unlike the USA where he got no promotion from his record co. and they did nothing to get him airplay…He gets airplay over there also…his songs are in the top 10 on the radio and his records have gone platinum there. Wake up America…David is one of the most talented singers and live performers to walk this planet. Oh and another thing…Jive never said they dropped David that was the media.

  • Anonymous

    Now thats talent. JB can you do that?? Very doubful. What is wrong with this world when someone like David is over looked by the likes of Justin. This cover is awesome. Justin may be more Popular but David Archuleta is by far more Talented

  • NeverSayNever

    i loveeeee him. omg. <3

  • KathleenLP

    Thanks for posting the pictures I emailed! :) I love David. <3

  • js

    That was so beautiful!! Heavenly!!

  • ILoveDavidArchieForever

    I was there! It was even more magical live. David is just such a beautiful person inside and out. I love this boy. I was surprised that he sang this song again. BEAUTIFUL! JUST BEAUTIFUL!

  • Anonymous

    im kindaaaa really in love withhhh archalettieeee<3(my own original nickname)<333

  • Anonymous

    One of the best covers he’s done in a while.
    Absolutely stunning vocals.

    Love me some David Archuleta. <3

  • Tinaa6336

    omg, i love him :’) <3
    hes so cute.

  • Anonymous

    Wow he sounds incredible :o i’m speechless. He got emotionsl toreds the end too hes amazing!

  • Anonymous

    DAvid Archuleta is the best singer out there. Heaven was simply heavenly!

  • Justinsuglyglasses

    Love David. If he ever did a duet with Demi it would be magic. Two people who can actually sing.

  • Anonymous

    This is a breathtaking performance. Passionate soaring vocals and that sweet face combine to make David Archuleta the best of the best.

  • Cat

    I love him

  • jess

    I loved this cover. So beautiful.