Selena Gomez Ask Reply, 4 NEW Facts

  • grewalen

    Selena Gomez is mind blowing actress. I like her acting. i have watched some episodes of wizards of waverly place there she is performing lead role.. I

    Watch Home And Away

  • Anonymous

    ido is a song that describes her life right now? hmmmm lol

  • Anonymous

    to lazy to watch

  • Anonymous

    I already knew those facts :( except for the okra part… o.0 ?

    love her

  • JustBreathe.

    @ anaon same haha pretty sure its goo though!

    … ps can you guys do me a favor and check out my youtube channel please! im pretty new and i just posted a new video
    too! thanks :D

    and sorry for attacking this haha

  • Anonymous

    shes soo pretty! love her hair ;)

  • Anonymous

    shes such a cutie, love her <3