• Anonymous

    Love Vanessa’s car. That’s a funny pic of Zac. Looks like he’s holding his woo hoo and the back of his hand is pressing against shocked girl. :)

  • Anonymous

    http://tnij.com/selena_gomez639 OMG Selena gomez new photo

  • Anonymous

    great, another car for her to crash. Lol that was mean but ain’t that the truth (:

  • Anonymous

    haha YES so true, i like vanessa but she has crashed a hell of alot!

  • Anonym

    What is Zack grabbing in the first pic?!Look at her face.

  • Anonymous

    i am alone here

  • divinexd

    Selena G. is pregnant (photos) http://martynaw0.gliteruje.pl

  • Monster27

    Hot car. Cute guy.

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