Joe Jonas Britney Spears Show Performer


  • JoeHoe15

    Nice. Good luck babe! <3

  • EvaSnow

    bluesfan said:

    I’ve never listened to his solo music.. or any of his music tbh..
    He only released 1 song…

  • JustBreathe.

    hey guys please come check out my newest video :D


  • ImaFreeBitch_


  • LesleyrockLovesJonas

    So happy for him!
    To bad the release of Fast Life was pushed back! It’s like it’s only one month, not big deal, but I’m that kind of girl that don’t like when someone changes plans hahhaha (?)

  • OhMy…


  • Everythingyournot

    i thought that he wasnt performing..*shrugs*

  • bluesfan

    I’ve never listened to his solo music.. or any of his music tbh..

  • dilemma

    good for him
    his people are the same people who were britney’s managers or something
    and he said that the first cd he’s ever bought was hers
    and he had a poster of her in a pink shirt in his room
    oh joseph xD lol such a 90s kid

  • dilemma

    isn’t nick’s hairspray show on Aug 5th ?
    :( too bad

  • Aretheydoingitdotnet

    Plenty of gay boys there, perfect place to meet his future husband. I am so happy for you JJ

  • SuckMyAnonDick


  • ImNotAnnoying

    So proud :’)

  • xGottaLoveOU?

    Too lazy to read. :P
    What’s going on?

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich
  • EvaSnow

    I don’t think that the Britney Spears fans are the same kind of people who listen to Joe’s music, but maybe he’ll get more fans because of this. It’s definitely something different.