Jennette McCurdy Capri Italy MEETING


From Angie: My friends saw her like 30 minutes before we were going to board the ship back to Napoli. When I saw her near a restaurant I grabbed a few of my friends and went up to her to take a picture with her. She was with two other girls and a man, they didn’t seem to happy, but at least we got a picture xD

  • umyeahfiggers

    Ha, are you judging others for judging (rhetorical q)? Judgment and speculation play an unavoidable part in everyone’s lives. Stick to your own awesome sites, kiddo. Cheers.

  • umyeahfiggers

    Woah, how do you know that this fan assumed Jennette was at her disposal or that she was obligated to do anything for her, or that she intentionally snubbed Jennette’s feelings? Just as others have said “consider the whole story,” one might repeat that for the other party. She could have asked, then had an awkward moment where she realized Jennette’s supposed irked-ness just a second later. Who’s to say, right?

    Of course, fans CAN be overzealous or rude and disrespectful, but in terms of being on the receiving end of that? There’s a way of handling it and handling oneself in relation to it.

  • RJay

    But I like it here. Everybody is nice and welcoming. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. ;)

  • cagelirioud

    “they wern’t happy, but atleast we got a picture.”

    Because she says that. If you can tell someone is unhappy you change what you are doing. You don’t keep doing it. She could have easily gone in with a different approach than lets get all my friend and get pictures.

    She could have gone to her first and talked to her and asked for a picture and then from her reaction asked if she could get her friend so they could get one. Instead she went in entitled with other people on the same wave length as her because this was a celeb.

    We also don’t know how many people she brought with her. If I was a celerity I would have done the same thing. I have met wrestlers and celebrities that would have been a ass to her if she had done that. The only reason they were not that way with me is because I came up to them like they were a normal person without wanting a picture.I told them that I respected their work and stuff like that. I actually struck up conversations with them because I was respectful and didn’t hound dog them and most of them asked if I wanted a picture after I came up to them like that. I always declined and asked them if they would take one with someone else that I knew would love one. But then again I don’t need to impress people and prove that I met them, I have the memory in my mind.

    Just saying that I have never heard a bad thing from people about meeting her so while she could have just been Jennette in a bad mood and this girl did nothing. The “they wern’t happy, but atleast we got a picture.” thing makes me think other wise.

  • cagelirioud

    And I mean no ill will to this girl cause I do not know her, but that statement just bugged me and then the unintelligent nonsensical statements about a genuinely nice person from what I have heard is moronic. I am just giving scenario’s that are plausible. Instead of the stuff they are spewing that there is no evidence to back up. I have never heard any reports that Jennette is a diva or thinks she is to good to take pictures. I do on the other hand know how people treat celebrities thanks to 24hr media and things like TMZ and have a good idea that is the case here. I could be wrong but I doubt it.

  • umyeahfiggers

    I think it actually said, “they didn’t seem too happy.”

    Anyway, you seem to not have read my previous comment too carefully. Perhaps you shouldn’t read too much into a phrase that wasn’t meant in the way you’ve taken it. Jennette agreed. Again, you don’t know how it all went down, right? Isn’t that the cohesive theme of this riveting commentary?

    Andor what it’s worth

    Fan behaviour will be fan behaviour. It’s up to the celebrity to maintain their personal standards of such things. Celebrities are not victims. Nor is any person on earth a victim twice, in my opinion.

    And for what it’s worth, I’ve heard about less-than-flattering moments from Jennette from some of the nicest and observant people I know. She has some intense moods at times. And what of it? It doesn’t mean Jennette is a bad person, but it doesn’t mean that people don’t reserve the right to comment. Everyone does it in our culture. And SERIOUSLY, nothing too bad was even said. Certainly nothing reputation-tarnishing. I wouldn’t pick this battle, but I suppose it’s fun to banter all the same.

  • umyeahfiggers

    So why jeopardize that (another rhetorical q)? :)

  • cagelirioud

    That is horse shit… Have you had to deal with a parent with cancer. I have and I was not the greatest person to be around especially after my mom died. Jennette is doing a lot better than I did when I was her age.

    Also it is not her job to take pictures with people nor is it any celebrity. That why they have things like meet and greets or signings. A celebrities job is to act, sing, or do what ever they are famous for it is not their job to be at everyone beck and call when they are trying to live their lives. They are human beings and not trained monkeys(which is a horrible cruel thing by the way)so treat them like anyone else.

  • cagelirioud

    I get what you are saying but at the same time people seem to not get that she didn’t have to to take the picture all and instead call her a bitch or downplay the fact that cancer.

    Cancer affects everyone involved and you don’t just put it to the side and go la de da with your life. It is a hard painful disease for not only the patient but even more so their family, and especially kids of people that have it.

    Also I am not using that as a excuse and I doubt she would either. It’s just the people that act like it is not a big thing are full of shit. And that is what got on my nerve about the comments the most.

  • umyeahfiggers

    Actually, my mom died when I was 7. My aunt, who lived with us, died of ovarian cancer when I was 15, so I’m familiar with loss in such and such a sense. But I’d like to emphasize a few things:

    1. If you’re going to debate with me, watch your language.

    2. I made NO CLAIM to any of the above points about celebrities that you are “refuting”.

    3. That is, I never said celebrities were animals or should be taken advantage of. Rather I’m saying it’s their responsibilities (and it’s “normal” peoples’ too) to establish whatever they need to establish about themselves and their dignity, and where and how they want to claim that.

    4. Overall, it seems like you’re not understanding what I’m saying, and getting offended. There’s no need to do so. Cheers.

  • umyeahfiggers

    I’m with ya. God bless :)

  • RJay

    I. Don’t. Know.

  • umyeahfiggers


  • Tibsymccurdy

    Look everybody! this is a classic example of “don’t judge of a book by it’s cover”! You should understand Jennette’s one of the most sweetest and most loveliest women out there! I’ve been her fan for many years now and i can confidently say all the accusations your making about her are false! You should really honestly get to know her and you’ll see what a heart warming personality she really has and how selfless she is as a woman. She never thinks about herself and loves her fans dearly! If you don’t also know she has struggled all her life with her mother battling cancer! A mother who is in bed all day and this is the one of minor times she’s left her mother and i’m sure the reason for her not smiling is because she’s worried sick about her mother! It hurts me to see such a wonderful woman who you’ve judged so wrongly seen being accused falsely of what she really is! Whatever i’ve said is no word of a lie and you guys should feel bad about what u said. This woman is such a role model and inspiration for such a young age! A woman who lives by helping charity all the time! She hardly ever gets a break and you should really regret what u said! She’s definitely one of a kind and a great example to celebrities in this world! Listen to her honest music and you’ll see what she’s all about!

  • angie2492

    honestly, jealousy isnt the common factor in all these comments. Its the fact that she really was being rude, i dont know if she had a problem or it was that time of the month but she shouldnt have taken the pictures like that she couldve faked a smile for all of them not just one.

  • maxhax

    TibsyMcCurdy is right. Many of these comment posters seem to be unaware of what is going on in Jennette’s life. Her mother is extremely ill and she’s most likely very worried or upset about her as anyone would. Being in show business is one thing, but we’re all human. I met Jennette personally and she is genuinely sweet and dear to every single fan she meets. It makes me think of what might have happened during the picture taking when I read “they weren’t too happy”. Were they taking a much needed break and was forced to take a picture without asking first? It would make sense because she looks exhausted, not annoyed. If you’ve seen other earlier pictures of Jennette during the cruise, she’s much happier. Please don’t post rude things about her without knowing the whole story first.

  • angie2492

    look i know she might have personal problems and i didnt know about her mom, but still we did ask for the picture and she said yes, she could’ve made the effort to look happy in the other two pictures, and she really was kind of rude, i expected differently and we were let down but we understood that she is HUMAN and we let it be. I just sent what happened during the moment and they posted it. I dont think she was a B*tch, she was just a bit rude and thats it.

  • RJay

    WOW, you guys are being a bit harsh. It was one moment of one day. These are literally the only pics i’ve ever seen of her with fans where she looks less then super happy. Before you rush to judgement consider the fact that you don’t know the full story. There could be many reasonable factors as to why those pics ended up that way. Stop being so hateful towards her. Pssh, we are Generation Love, indeed.

  • erika3

    You guys are jealous she might feel bad about it was stupid not criticize haci she is the best t is clear that many people want it famous is true is sad but perhaps to be found something happens or is sick but who knows what can be done it is simply the best =)

  • angie2492

    she wasnt eatin. she was just standing in the terrace. me and my friends went up to her, said hi asked her if she was her cuz we were not entirely sure (we had seen a girl that looks like tori’s sister and it wasnt her xD) and ask for a picture..we asked and i quote “Can WE take a picture with you” and she said sure..when she said sure we noticed that she wasnt very happy about it but we thought it would be even worse to take it back so we took the picture anyway… the person who said she has never heard any bad comments about her behavior..I have… but i dont take those seriously until i meet the person myself…about her mom having cancer and that maybe could be the reason why…maybe it is maybe it isnt…and i know what its like to have someone in your family to have cancer..i have 3 aunts and an uncle with cancer and its hard as hell to know you cant do anything when they’re in pain because of therapy…but i keep on living and so does my cousins and we smile and act happy cause thats havin emotional intelligence..that is key in life…and anyways im sorry if anyone got offended (for no reason whatsoever..) it was not my intention…once again: we approached her with the biggest smiles on our face, happy to see her and really excited…we are from a country were you dont see celebrities walking down the streets or staying in nearby hotels or anything like that so it was a big deal for us and we felt bad that they were rude (her friends way more than her) sooo fr future reference dont make assumptions or opinions about how or what happend if you werent there!

  • umyeahfiggers

    @RJay I can think of a few instances where Jennette wasn’t showing her “Generation Love” at every moment. And no, her “life difficulties” are not an excuse. We all have terrible pain, and we’re all imperfect humans. Be sure that Jennette occasionally criticizes people and other celebrities in her private life, just as all of us do from time to time. But as a celeb, it comes with the job. I’m sorry. Sites like these exist, and it’s fully each one’s business to express his or her opinion on the article. Thanks for your consideration.

  • slicknickshady

    A lot of you people are really pathetic. You have no right to hound Jennette, angie2492. You should listen to Tibsy, Maxhax, RsyJ.

    They said it all. Also umyeahfiggers (Or i should say his other aliases. Ryebread, Chimara, Micarlylove, AllzFayre, and many others) you are a sad individual. Spreading unfounded rumors about her personal life.

  • umyeahfiggers

    And please don’t tell us what we should or shouldn’t post, or what is or isn’t relevant.

    @Tibsy The health of her mother is unfortunate, but irrelevant. My mother is dead. Not for a minute have I, or do I now, expect that people aren’t going to say or think what they want about me just because I’m a nice person whose mom tragically died. People will think and say what they please.

    Furthermore, “all these accusations”? I wouldn’t complain if I were you, but go ahead…elsewhere, if you please.

  • McCurdyLover

    First: Jennette is NOT a b*tch and you have NO right to call her that!
    Second: It’s not because she is a teen actress that she has a perfect life. She goes though problems as she said herself. Her mother has cancer and do you imagine how hard is for her to be on that cruise away from her mother? Don’t say these things about her, you don’t know her story.
    Third: She is a HUMAN, she isn’t happy all the time.
    Fourth: No, she isn’t as famous as Justin or Miley, so? She is still the best!!
    And DON’T say bad things about her. Don’t be rude!

  • umyeahfiggers

    To comment on the actual article, those seem like deliberately rude faces to me, and that’s too bad. Regardless of what was going on here, I feel like Jennette has changed quite a bit, APART from the fact that she might be going through some sadness. I would expect nothing less, growing up in show business however. Even with a good family, it can do subtle things to a person. Maybe she’s just going through a particular type of phase (which I’ll refrain from specifying) a little late, after a while of trying too hard to please everyone.

  • McCurdyLover

    BTW, I love Jennette’s hair!

  • RJay

    Rye??? Anywho, I never said she was perfect nor do I think that. It’s just, seeing people call her names over this is kinda ridiculous. Life difficulties aren’t a reason to be in a bad mood occasionally? Yeah, that makes sense. Criticizing celebs is fine, but me being annoyed how some people rush to judgement isn’t? Also makes sense.

  • the plush one

    god, online icarly fans can be seriously lame! and she look stoned!

  • maxhax

    @angie2492 did you ask during the middle of her meal? It just doesn’t seem right to hound her on her personal time. Imagine if you had no free time at all, wouldn’t you be a bit upset? She said yes, but from what it sounds, she had no choice. Also it’s not about whether or not you asked, but how you asked her.

  • McCurdyLover

    The fan looks happy, right? So Jennette made her day. She makes people happy and everything you guys can do is to call her these names? Grow up.

  • umyeahfiggers

    It’s never an excuse for anyone. Everyone is responsible for themselves and their actions, regardless of what’s on their plate. Anywho, these sites were made for judgment. And in this case, I think it’s legitimate to judge. But that shouldn’t matter. Take it to your fantastical fansites if you wish to blather about how people should apparently feel bad for expressing their opinions about AN ARTICLE, and apparently don’t reserve the right to express them without them being disrupted. With some sort of “Generation Love” doctrine, no less–that does make it appear as though you are portraying her as some sort of moral standard for the rest of us to live up to. Not the case. Sorry if I misunderstood that part. Cheers.

  • umyeahfiggers

    IMO, Jennette was probably just a little too famous to go on this year’s cruise, anyway. Seems a little hypocritical to use words, like “hounding,” btw.

    Jennette is a big girl, and she agreed to take pics regardless. If she acted slightly annoyed, I don’t see the big deal about the fact that she did, or the fact that people said so. It’s not wrong or right–it just IS. And individual perceptions don’t change the truth, whatever that may be. And you know what? None of us are her.

    Yet the undue defensiveness, hypocrisy, idolatry and attempted censorship of others an within this particular fandom is incredibly disturbing at times.

  • umyeahfiggers

    It looks like ONE person called her a name, and about 10 more people generalized, in the spirit of the very things for which they were reprimanding peoples’ entitled comments, and made a much bigger deal of it than it is for no particularly good reason. Equally mature? Cheers.

  • cagelirioud

    Celebrities are not there to be at your beck and call. Their personal life is their’s and they shouldn’t have to stop it for fans. She was nice to even take a picture with a fan there are celebs that wouldn’t or have security that would have stopped you.

    Also you act like that is how she always acts. I have heard from and talked to people that have met her and have heard nothing but great things.

    They are actors not trained monkeys.

  • RJay

    Blather! Blather!!! WELL I NEVER. I think there’s never an excuse for anyone to judge. Even if these sites were made for that. p.s. Those sites are pretty awesome. Be well. :)

  • cagelirioud

    And you said it perfectly when you said “they wern’t happy, but atleast we got a picture.” You obviously could tell she wasn’t in the mood but instead you had to get your picture, completely ignoring her feelings. That is hound dogging and not something a fan does.

    If had been me I would have said “excuse me, you seem like you are busy.” She probally would have been more open to giving you a picture and if she didn’t it is only a picture.

  • Nadz___

    She looks pretty pissed. Imagine how pissed she’d be if she was as popular as Justin or Miley :\

  • Tweetfreak

    She does lol. The girl with the grey shirt is my friend btw.
    Good to see she’s having fun

  • lov2shop123

    What a B****!!! She doesn’t get noticed a lot and this is how she asks when she does?!!!! So rude. I get she’s annoyed but she’s a actress! Just act like your “F’en” happy!!! I hate her and I was never a fan of her but she’s not that famous and she should show more respect.

  • kimpossiblekilledphineas

    lov2shop123 said:
    What a B****!!! She doesn’t get noticed a lot and this is how she asks when she does?!!!! So rude. I get she’s annoyed but she’s a actress! Just act like your “F’en” happy!!! I hate her and I was never a fan of her but she’s not that famous and she should show more respect.


  • SpreadYourWingsAndFlyAway

    She looks annoyed.

  • kimpossiblekilledphineas

    She does. :O

  • Chelsea-Rose

    Fair enough if she was annoyed, but she’s an actress. Act happy. That was a special moment for that girl, and she’s ruined those pictures.

  • bouncewithselly

    what’s up with her hair. lol

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