@ Planet Of The Apes premiere. PR Photos.

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    Selena and Justin will have a baby. See the latest photos and information on:

    Selena i Justin b?dzie mia? dziecko. Zobacz najnowsze zdj?cia i informacje o:

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  • Miley_DemiPWNSselena

    testing again.

  • LetsJumpTheSun

    you just gotta love him<3

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  • kary_redfern

    I dont who Tom felton is? But I’m glad a ginger found LOVE. Awwww
    Tom Felton is the actor who plays Draco Malfoy on Harry Potter. He is the one on Rise of the Planet of the apes

    I love both Ferret Boy and weasel boy. They are so cute.

  • hotlikefireworks

    Oh look, the 2 sexiest guys in Harry Potter.
    What I wouldn’t give to be alone with either or them. UNF.

  • hotlikefireworks

    Some chick on Youtube was like,
    “I’d make my vagina a Horcrux so Ron could destroy it.” &&I was like, uhm, that’s kinda graphic, but I don’t blame you.

  • queenofhearts

    So late OU. But, I love them!

  • BrokenArrow

    I love Tom too!

  • iamruth

    aww i miss harry potter,i just watched the boxset of movies on t.v and im crying my eyes out

  • Nefra12

    lol, I want one of those shirts! No, really. I do. Anyway, back to the subject: OMG! OMG! OMG!

  • Aretheydoingitdotnet

    I dont who Tom felton is? But I’m glad a ginger found LOVE. Awwww

  • omg wtf lolz

    (laaaaaaaaaate) but OMG he is so nice to do that haha :D

  • klaudusia323
    Justin bieber kissing miley cyrus !
    PHOTO !
    Justin Bieber kissing Miley Cyrus !
    VIDEO !

  • Miley_DemiPWNSselena


  • Miley_DemiPWNSselena


  • SpreadYourWingsAndFlyAway

    You’re late.
    But Rupert has got to be the best friend ever, and their bromance is just so adorable :3

  • Sunshine n Lolipops

    And we love Rupert

  • TeamNileyFTW

    rupert is precious. :)

  • Tinaa6336

    Aw, i <3 him. (: