Bella Thorne On Jimmy Bennett Video Set


Shooting ‘Walk This Way’ in Huntington Beach.

+ Twit Pix via @bellathorn143.

  • bouncewithselly

    she will be BIG in a few years.

  • Peekaboo


  • Grammar Nazi.
  • Noo_Idea

    Demi Lovato kissing Joe Jonas .RETURN ?

    I’ll cut you

  • -anonymous-

    that owling thing is even more stupid than planking :/

  • BrokenArrow

    She annoys me.

  • Peekaboo


  • dogooddeeds

    doesnt look like she’s too into the boy in the first pic, she’s like “smh!” lol. according to her twitter yesterday she was volunteering at a children’s summer camp 2. she sure works a lot :)

  • Chelsea-Rose

    Please learn about punctuation, Bella.

  • xkellysmileyx

    love her.<3

  • xkellysmileyx

    she will be BIG in a few years.

    i agree!

  • Tonightimlovingu

    she is taller thank her boyfriend

  • Frogger

    she doesn’t look like she wants to be next to him but I understand hes ugly

  • kimpossiblekilledphineas

    lmao Frogger. your icon! xD

  • jordanING

    what the fucking christ is up with that boys shoes?

  • disneysaywhat

    she is really sweet.i like her.

  • miranda k

    hii .. is anybody here

  • anons

    Jul 31, 2011 @ 08:36 am
    miranda k said:

    hii .. is anybody here

    No. OU is dead

  • Keepitreal

    Wow. I’ve never seen OU THIS dead..Smh, this is a new feelin for me.

  • Entertainmentlove

    she sucks and OU is starting to suck thats why i never stay long on here

  • lovelikewoe