• xGottaLoveOU?

    Already heard this interview before lol basically what @marinawashiski said lol :P

  • Aretheydoingitdotnet

    hola @ me Oceanup

  • BrokenArrow

    What did she say? too lazy to watch

  • Demiandmileylove

    Where did she say it .. ? to lazy to watch all !

  • SoSelenalicious

    Yeah! What they said ^^ :P

  • marinawashiski

    She was asked if she feels different from Miley and Selena, if she feels a little more grown up and she said she feels just like them because she grew up with them and they are all equally mature.

    Go to 1:13

  • august

    thanks. i tried to watch it earlier but didnt have the time

  • themilenator

    Oh okay

    She didn’t mention Miley, the interviewer brought her and Selena up

  • Katniss10

    awkward as fuck interview

  • CuTeMuSic

    cool. watch the whole thing