Nick Jonas Inside Hairspray Rehearsal

  • OhMy…

    Hahahaha this is hilarious!!!

  • ann932

    haha i love this boy and his little dance moves!

  • ann932

    yeah, i own this post.

  • ljs1202

    That was so funny! Love John Stamos & Harvey Fierstien. “Nick kissing an older woman.” Like THAT hasn’t happened already!!! LOL

  • niky

    omgee.. tht kiss is just weard… lol…. But Nick is just soo dreamy and the way he dance is 2 cute..

  • Nelena4evaBaby

    Man I wish i was Marissa Kissing a jobro :)and its my jobro

  • xhaleylynn

    Ahh they got to the kiss and I DIED. There was definitely some tongue action ;] Nick’s got a new fetish for older girls apparently.

    But his dancing looks great! xD

  • misskevinjonas

    he looks funny dancing haha