Action Item LEARN TO FLY Music Video

  • AIFan88

    they are not signed yet but they have toured with Allstar Weekend Honor society and that they are good you should check them out

  • SmellsLikeTeenSpirt

    And who might they be?

  • Vase
  • jessica effect

    Meh. I love Action Item, I truly do. They’re the most genuine guys and you can tell they love what they do. I’ve met them before while they were on tour with one of my favorite bands Between the Trees (R.I.P) Personally I find them so much better live than I do in CDs because they’re so energetic and happy. So I might be being bias when I say that I do not like this song or this music video.

    Not only does it lack energy it’s also a completely different genre then what they *used* to play. IE: Defenseless, Boy with the Microphone, Dress for the Weather, etc.

    I feel like since they were featured on Radio Disney a few times that they’re selling out their old genre for something more Disney-like in hopes of being signed. I don’t know. I still love them as people, however, my love for the music is fading.


  • AIFan88

    <3 yaaah I love there music video :D I am so happy for these guys they are amazing <3