Via @xostellhudgens.

  • LetsJumpTheSun

    stella is flawless. shes super pretty. i love her.

  • LetsJumpTheSun

    shes turning 16 in november.
    i just turned 15 and i wear dresses like that and tight (idk if i said it correctly whatever)

  • LetsJumpTheSun

    so dont say its short…

  • LetsJumpTheSun

    but its ok, people critize even more celebs..

  • jessica effect

    She’s growing up to be so beautiful like her sister. UGH. JEALOUSY.

  • DreamBig

    she is so stunning ! vanessa is prettier than her but stel’s beauty is more calm than vanessa’s

  • SaltyBubblegum

    I think Vanessa’s prettier. I mean, she gorgeous, but Vanessa’s…. more gorgeous-er ;P

  • AmandaXoX

    so dont say its short…

    Because parents these days don’t pay attention to what there kids wear. That’s why there’s sixteen and pregnant. Be careful..

  • Security notice

    Narcissistic bitch, hehe.


  • themilenator

    She’s gonna grow beautiful like her older flawless sister :)

  • Clauber

    She is gorgeous now… cuz she is growing up

    She is not a kid anumore, here she was a kid:

  • Vase
  • LoveableScar

    … Do we remember who is her sister? She probably gets her fashion sense from her. It’s cute but it’s something you could see her sister wear.

  • ZanessaxJoenessa

    She is soo pretty.

  • urluvismydrugg

    Yes, she’s 15. 16 in November.

    Laaave the pic of her, Van & Sammi.

  • JustBreathe.

    stop by my new channel please

    thanks :)

  • michelle103

    she looks not like her but she still pretty :)

  • lovemestealmeawayy

    i can’t stand girls who aree under the age of 16..well most..they always think they’re soo cool and act like snotty brats and wear short shorts and date boys like a whore would.. idk whatever not all but most people i know.. gosh why are girls sooo unlady like now adays get some class and grow longer shorts.

  • MileySnuggle

    Damn,she looks good.

  • AmandaXoX

    Can that dress be an shorter for a little kid..
    other than that, she does look fabulous.

  • SoFancyinCali

    She looks pretty
    How old is she?

  • AmandaXoX

    She’s like fifteen

  • Selly G

    I think the dress is beautiful i have a dress that is about the same length and i am 12