Demi Lovato Following Ashley Greene


  • keylee_lovatic20

    she didn’t follow her for attention or exposure.. it’s her twitter and she can do anything she wants ..

  • EvaSnow

    Demi and Ashleu both went to Katy Perry’s concert and now theyre suddenly following each other. Maybe they met and talked a little bit.

  • dreis

    Didn’t see that one coming, lol.

  • KBurk

    What is the big deal she can follow whoever she wants.

  • Lil G

    *SHOCKED Face*

  • JoeHoe15

    unexpectable. :D

  • liss1

    they loves the attention

  • Untouchable

    *gasp* they’re probs plotting on JOE!. haha so what? she follows 164 other ppl i don’t see anyone making a big deal.

  • UlitmateAnon

    Maybe demi needs more exposure for her single. Skyscaper went from #10 on billboard to #80. she needs some more attention duh.

  • xJonasXCandyx

    Yay,next they’ll be bffs<3.

  • limelighter

    Is there like a follower monitor???? Who the heck checks this stuff??

  • nieznajoma57
  • Sparks

    nothing wrong at all. same bf different people, is not big deal.

  • xGottaLoveOU?

    right with ya @dreis ….

  • lovelife

    what daaaa fuck?

  • Clauber


  • Clauber

    Even be worst if she was Joe’s gf

  • PuureVanity

    i see nothing wrong with it

  • lovelife

    theres nothing wrong with it, it was just unexpected.

  • KatyPurryKittens

    I don’t think it’s anyone’s business if they date the same person.. i dont care at all. if they’re friends. then cool. i hate how the media pressures celebs to public date. like privacy please?

  • Hibz.

    lol oceanup. way to call her out.

  • memi trumps sel


  • ann932

    maybe she just wants to see her timeline, whatever.