Selena Gomez Swimming W/ The Boys


  • Nicki Minaj

    lovemestealmeawayy said:
    selenas hoops are big. 0_o i guess we know what she does on the weekends now..


    the bigger the hoop,
    the bigger the ho…

  • urluvismydrugg

    Lol Alfredo.
    Nice name.

  • Security notice

    Seriously Selena, y u posting pictures everyday? WE GET THAT U LYK INSTAGRAM VERY MUCHEUHH BUT STILL.

  • sophieeee

    My god, will someone delete that fucking instagram off her phone!
    She’s not a damn photographer.

  • lovemestealmeawayy

    most people have known about this app for awhile and now she finds out about it and we have to see it on OU like it’s our life…oh em gee. anyways like i ur gonna use the app a lot at least don’t post every photo on twitter..

  • jesse

    Just in case y’all don’t know Selena didn’t post that top picture “swimming with the boys” Alfredo did. She posted 3 pictures yesterday 1 of her at the tcas rehearsing, and the other 2 were of Justin, but it looked like he took her phone lol.

  • crah

    she looks cute :)

  • evanescence

    Well, they didn’t break up.

  • xLoveGomez

    Yikes everyone needs to calm down :/ the first photo didnt even come from her Instagram. Alfredo posted the first one

  • nownlaterz

    I thought they “broke up” lol

  • Entertainmentlove

    selena -_-, instagram -_-

  • lovemestealmeawayy

    selenas hoops are big. 0_o i guess we know what she does on the weekends now..

  • GoMileyGo


  • AmandaXoX


    That’s not a duck face hon.

  • JustBreathe.
  • PartyLikeItsNotYourBirthday

    hey, where did you see the pictures?

  • CuTeMuSic

    good morning…

  • CuTeMuSic

    justin looks so adorable

  • JelenaRocks

    Yay They DId Not Break Up :) <3

  • HayleyMadison

    Well obviously they didn’t break up like ocean up said.

  • omg wtf lolz

    OU needs to obsess over another couple IMO.

  • sellove

    they didint break upp!!

  • lovemestealmeawayy

    I’m thinking these pics were taken…awhile ago…you know they could be

  • iamruth

    o.u you lied to me how could you:0i n the pictures they look like there together.are they or not im so confused

  • BrokenArrow

    Doen’t she get tired of taking pictures and posting them?

  • Delilah_Marie

    lawl ‘Subtly’showing everyone they didn’t ‘break up’. icwudt! c;

  • Nicki Minaj


    it’s fucking ANNOYING

  • ashleyelizaxo

    guess justin and selena never broke up? lol..

  • paniuroczy

    Peekaboo said:

    You look beautiful today.

  • Peekaboo


  • Selly G

    be careful selena, bieber might get mad

  • nieznajoma57
  • Peekaboo

    OU i’m on my knees ,please for God sake stop redirecting me to google

  • kathykenss


  • Peekaboo

    my icon won’t change

  • AmandaXoX

    I thought they broke up..

  • Fuckyou


  • minx

    celebrities and instagram are getting old fast.

  • SaltyBubblegum

    She’s so fucking gorgeous…