Justin Bieber Dancing To Selena @ TCAs

  • Gearsarealwaysturning

    whos that girl? I saw her somewhere…mmm joeys sister?

  • JRIJ43

    He mouths, ‘That’s my baby’

  • pina1029

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  • angelsmith90

    Yeh! they both are really great, no they do not have broke up.

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  • nieznajoma57
  • nickyoung

    Well, Nice…

  • ILoveLovato

    aww thats actually really cute haha

  • SaltyBubblegum

    Ooooooh. So they broke up then? :P

  • Louna bieber

    OMB (Oh My Bieber)
    He Is So Cuteeee Haha <3<3

  • GianellaA

    I like how Taylor makes a heart with her hands

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  • SavvySays

    Awww Taylor and Joey!!!

  • BrokenArrow

    haah so cute

  • TeeKayXD
  • Ariela Rios

    omg selena’s friend when saw justin dance was like : what is that! LOL

  • HappinessisEverything…


  • DontChangeMe

    they are still together they didn’t sit together because Selena wanted to sit with Taylor Swift too but they weren’t far from each like two seats apart

  • LisaWonders

    well atleast he’s supportive…lol

  • DontChangeMe

    I think if they weren’t together they wouldd of sat far far away from each other

  • HappinessisEverything…

    Taylors lips, lol.