Nick Jonas Zipper Scene From Hairspray

  • Selly G

    haha funny

  • agataaa
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  • aniax3

    relationship Selena and justin broke –

  • xGottaLoveOU?

    I can’t describe how hot this was…

  • AshG

    too sexy. mighty FINEEE!

  • Lil G

    Fucking H.O.T

  • Lil G

    Was it on Purpose???

  • chazlovato

    what did he forget to do :P

  • LesleyrockLovesJonas

    hahah so good!

  • Ilovenicholasjonas.


  • LondonFoolishly

    he forgot to do it another night but he didn’t leave it that late. Obviously on purpose, he’s looking fiiiiine.

  • Belle

    I definitely think that was on purpose to do it at that point. Good character choice, Nick. Clever.

  • NickJFans4Ever

    HAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAAA!!! he forgot the zipper xD

  • NickJFans4Ever

    YAY!! I’m the first comment :3