Nick Jonas, ‘You’re Pretty Cool’


Watch his new Quaker Chewy video HERE!

  • xGottaLoveOU?

    heyy, you’re pretty kewl yourself Nicholas ;D

  • iamruth

    oh if only my parents could send me nick ;D

  • Aretheydoingitdotnet

    this boy is doing so much nothing. ZZZZZZZZ

    Holla @ me oceanup

  • surfergirl9

    He is a great advocate for diabetes. Along with Nicole Johnson and Jill Knapp he has put so much time in in advocating for such a great cause. I have diabetes and thank him.

  • thefuturemrsnickjonas

    mommy, daddy send me to nick jonas pleeeeeease;p

  • Sparks

    Miley-s pretty cool too.

  • BitchPleaseI’mAnAnon


  • BrokenArrow

    The ‘pretty cool’ reminds me of Miley adn the snl woman who played miley lol

  • Entertainmentlove

    he looks less buff.

  • CuTeMuSic

    reminds me of snl. ;D

  • duomoas

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  • MissSarah

    “Hey parents! Send Nick to your kids.”

    That sounds creepy.

  • SuckMyAnonDick


  • Selly G