Amy Colallela Talks MileyWorld Contest

Amy Colalella, MileyWorld’s Be-A-Star Contest Winner, on contest failure.

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    ok who cares bye

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  • Still Anonymous

    What she said:

    She met Miley & Miley was super nice to her in the studio but the person who was supposed to be planning the weekend and everything else was really flakey (this happened over a year ago btw). Like she said the best part was meeting Miley but everything else sucked because she was promised all these things that she hasn’t yet received from the contest (i.e. a recording contract) and she doesn’t want to sue Miley. But sometimes she gets frustrated with her because of the whole situation. She talks about Alison here too and how when Miley asked what all had been planned for her this weekend, alison told Miley he was going to take her on a tour but he never did because at the last minute he got a phone call and said he had to go. Basically everything was poorly planned, and the guy who was supposed to be doing everything with her (some relation to Mitchell Musso, don’t remember how), keeps pushing back the dates that she’s supposed to come and record an album and she’s lost faith that it’s going to happen, etc.

    She basically says that this whole thing has taken a tole on her and her family because there’s been a lot of back and forth and she doesn’t know what’s going to happen. She did get to record one song of Miley’s when she went into the studio with her the first time, I forgot which, but I think you can still find it on YouTube & she’s really talented.

    I honestly wish her the best, but she didn’t mean to stir up drama with these video’s so Ocean Up perpetuating the matter is only making her life harder. Hence the fact that she deleted the videos. -_-

    Regardless, she says despite the fact that she gets frustrated with Miley a lot since it was her contest, she still supports her.

  • JonasCTFxC

    Amy won the miley world contest and she was promissed a record deal and voice lessons with miley. The competition went on for over a year and when she won she didn’t get what she was promissed, her trip to the studio ended up being a disaster and she only saw miley for like 30 mins, she never got her record deal and they have basically abandoned her. It is really such a shame she has amazing talent.

  • CottonCandy

    Wow 26 minutes… 0-0 I don’t understand whats going on anyway.. could anyone explain plz? =]

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    Video’s been removed already….

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    Why did she remove it? Seriously, people need to know if Miley or her people fucked up.

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    She removed it. I think she got too much hate.

    It sucks for her though because she’s incredibly talented. I hope she’ll get a record deal in the future.

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    what did she said?
    what happend anyways?

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    yeah what did she say….

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    lovemestealmeawayy said:
    yeah what did she say….
    She kept talking about bugs flying behind her then talking about being the winner and how Miley was all sweet to her.. I didn’t complete though.. the videos were 26 minutes and she kept going out of subject talking about the stupid bugs behind her.

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    Why did Ocean Up remove my comment?

    This video is OLD AS HELL! We know this already. I think this thing came out around the same time Miley came back to twitter b/c she talks about how they told her she is supposed to start recording in June.

    Ocean Up, don’t delete my comment & stop stirring things up -_-