Nick, ‘Joe & I Are In Best Relationship Ever’


Nick Jonas did not have a direct hand is the album recorded by his brother Joe: ‘On the writing side and all that, I didn’t, really. However, I feel like when it was all coming in, I was looking at all the tracks, and he would get really excited to.. me some songs. I was excited to hear it, just to see that he’d really come a long way. Joe & I, our relationship is probably the best it’s been in many years. And we’re happy to support each other in our individual endeavors and I’m..

happy for him and his single and all he’s going through with that. And I think he made the perfect record for him to release, and it’s really fantastic. I’m proud of him for that.’ On new Jonas album: ‘There definitely is, in our minds, and we’re..

..looking forward to the day when we come back together and start working on music again. However, I think it’s going to be a little while before we’re back in the studio or back touring. So we’re enjoying this season of just kind of following our individual dreams and aspirations and all that.’

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    Aw <3 so cute :)

  • Still Anonymous

    When Nick said “In our minds…” in reference to the certainty of another Jonas album, it makes me feel like it’s definitely not going to happen. It’s not set in stone, and let’s be real, Kevin is probably going to start having kids soon, Nick’s busy riding airplanes all around town, and Joe is having a hell of a time being solo.

    I honestly, hope there is another Jonas album. But the more they try to convince us, the less I believe it. Idky. Jmo. :/

    Happy to hear Joick is stronger than ever though! :)

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    there was some controversy on youtube about this song called “A-Yo”, people thought it was Joe Jonas’ new single but it was another artists song who goes by Mike Mason…heres the music video of the real singer of A-Yo (fallin in love)…oddly enough, its some sort of tribute to taylor swift!!! so here it is…

  • iamruth

    god i miss those reminds me im not a kid and everyones grows up.

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    selena gomez in the hospital!!

  • ADarkLandIsSomewhereIBelong

    Well shit. I thought they were going to release an album by the end of this year. :|
    I’m sorry, but no one will care by then. :/

  • Hibz.

    Love the JoBros, but I think they’re over (as a group). It’s sad, but whatever. Lucky for me I’m actually enjoying Joe’s solo stuff so far, so that’ll have to suffice for now lol.

    And tbh, I don’t think “no one will care” by in a few years if they do ever release another album. I know that i’d definitely give it a listen and buy it as well.

  • nickstan1

    Between Joe saying it’ll be a few years before a new JB album, and Nick saying it will be a while before they tour or record again, that tells me me there are not any plans to make a new JB album or perform together. Not any concrete plans anyway, as in they haven’t even really talked about it.

    I think the writing is on the wall. Joe is finding enough success with his solo work to keep him working and in the news, Nick seems to have found enjoyment in just working behind the scenes and finally getting the chance/time to develop his personal life to the point that he doesn’t really have much interest in making music for himself at the moment, and let’s face it Kevin mentally checked out of the band the moment he got married. I don’t see anything making them WANT to come back together as a group, since they are all doing things individually that make them happy and fulfilled.

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  • mimi

    honestly, they waited too long! they let someone else take over, they made a huge mistake on waiting, nick should had done a stronger album, he should had aim at his target audience with the sound instead of older people! he will had done better, and joe needs more fire to start the engine running. nick is letting his fame sink in deeper and deeper by doing musicals, that is for stars who are failing in hollywood and not getting hired, he only has little time to be non existance, he needs to make a new album and his only fan base who were their fans are getting older and the new fan base will not buy their album because they only after the new guy, teen’s are the one’s who make huge investment or make their parents buy all the stuff, who is their manager suck’s big time, once the fame is gone to pick it back up is really hard!!!

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    Selena Gomez on linen – news…

  • neelie

    Lately, both Nick & Joe seem on the defense about how close they are. Sorry, but anyone can see they don’t hang out. A little bit, but not much. And Kevin hasn’t mentioned Nick, or plugged any thing he has done on his twitter. Yet, Kevin has plugged Joe and went to his concert. Looks like Kevin & Joe are fine. Just think something has come between Nick and his brothers. Hope not. They used to be the best brothers ever.

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    i love that guys, are the best brothers, totally amazing

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    This put the biggest smile on my face

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    I like your icon :3

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    I predict JoBros doing there own thing for quite awhile, and then doing something together as a nice reminder of who they started as…. They were born Jonas brothers, they had the opportunity to become a band… but that is not who they were destined to become. It was who they were destined to start out as… grow, stretch, evolve… happy for them all. And Frankie – where you be? I think it is just about time for Froah…

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    It’s Saturday um why is it dead

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    its almost the anniversary of my grandpa’s death :(

  • xFireBomb

    Aw, Nick <3 And I bet The Jonas Brothers won’t make another album until

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  • sojo187

    there was some controversy on youtube about this song called “A-Yo”, people thought it was Joe Jonas’ new single but it was another artists song who goes by Mike Mason…heres the music video of the real singer of A-Yo (fallin in love)…oddly enough, its some sort of tribute to taylor swift!!! so here it is…

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  • weirdo

    awwww <3

  • dilemma

    that picture is so cute :3
    and it’s okay if they’re enjoying what they’re doing now why do fans need to rush them to make a new album ?
    it’ll come better if they took their time making it
    their band ocean grove is also doing their own thing
    wish them all the best and I hope that we get a new jonas brothers album eventually :)

  • xBuh-Bubblesx

    I love the picture :)

  • -anonymous-

    aww…back when I thought Joe was the cutest jonas brother :P

  • bolka1

    selena gomez betrays justin bieber!!

  • bolka1

    selena gomez betrays justin bieber!!

  • thefuturemrsnickjonas

    awww that picture is just so adorable. and i am waiting for a jonas album bt sadly like everyone else is saying i doubt it will happen. joe and nick are doing their own thing and kevin is working on his family. but i will be the best fan and wait for the day a new jonas album comes:)

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