From Liana @magicnmbr7: Taylor Swift was so amazing in DC. I had floor seats and couldnt stop dancing. The people who pick the t-party people kept passing me by since I was at the end of my row. She was really into the crowd and kept saying why she loved coming to DC. I went with one of my best friends and it was one of the best nights of the year for both of us.

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  • Hibz.

    taytay swiftizzle.

  • Hibz.

    romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone. i’ll be waiting, all that’s left to do is run.

  • agataaa
  • Miricale

    she had a beautiful dresses. ;)

  • Disco.Is.Dead


  • JJlover

    God, I’m dying. I need see her almost once U.U ArgentinaWantSwift ?

  • DulceDBR

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  • forevernalways

    She’s amazing :)