Very Happy 18th Birthday Alyson Stoner!


  • agataaa
  • agataaa
  • themilenator

    Before I saw Stoner I thought that was brunette Alyson Michalka o.O

    but anyway Happy B’Day :)

  • Disco.Is.Dead

    Happy Birthday!

  • Hibz.

    happy birthday, pretty lady. (:

  • Cally39

    Wasn’t she blonde before???

  • Miricale

    happy B-day. ;)

  • omg wtf lolz

    she’s cool and I loooove her as Isabella (even though I wish I could buy every Phineas and Ferb episode)

  • nanasmileskape

    she’s cool and I loooove her as Isabella.
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  • BrokenArrow

    Happy Birthday!

  • Security notice

    Wow, she looks gorgeous!
    Happy birthday!