‘Bieber Could Be Like Michael Jackson’

Do YOU agree?

  • SmellsLikeTeenSpirt

    I’m not a Jackson fan..I hate that man,but I must admit..Bieber is going no where :L

  • lovemestealmeawayy

    OMG NO..

  • SJG97

    will.i.am needs to be bitch slapped.

  • Taste.The.Rainbow

    Yea No

  • sahina91

    such an insult to the name of Michael Jackson (RIP)

  • Dodah_J


  • PuureVanity

    i cant believe he even put “Bieber” in the same sentence as “Michael Jackson”. SMH and no i don’t think he could be the next MJ

  • lovemestealmeawayy
  • dreis

    NO ONE, I repeat NO ONE can ever be compared to Michael Jackson. And especially not Justin, because he is just fucking hopeless. Ugh.

  • RadiateLove69

    I could not agree more with PuureVanity. Why the hell would someone be stupid enough to even think that?

  • Juli3223

    How dare you! Michael Jackson must be rolling over his grave! ¬¬

  • BrookeElaine

    Umm..hell no.

  • Lilly

    MJ died to make room for Justin Bieber

    Actually, HELL NO, but every time there’s a MJ/Bieber comparison I need to add in that quote XD

  • Lilly

    And no way is Justin Bieber like Prince

  • Lilly

    Bieber doesn’t show longevity, he’s a fad and all fads end

  • lovemestealmeawayy
  • BitchPleaseI’mAnAnon

    Lol no.

  • Lilly

    BTW that Prince comparison? Where did that come from, Prince’s music is innovated while Bieber just makes genric pop, nothing special

  • Takes1toKno1

    u dumb hoes.
    he never compared them LIKE THAT.

    this is will.i.am, he’s not just some dude from a band.

    i believe justin will be here for a long time and u bitches get to watch.

  • disneyxo

    No Will.I.Am, just no.

  • HPloverForever

    Not a chance in hell

  • AmandaXoX

    Mmmm, yeah I see it (;

  • SmilerEtLovatic

    NOOOOOO. im a belieber but just NO. dont compare. he’s MICHAEL JACKSON. will.i.am. stop talking shit

  • BrokenArrow


  • Anonymous-

    too bad will.i.am and the black eyed peas suck

  • Tonightimlovingu

    really will.i.am ? really ?

  • iamruth

    micheal jackson-the king of pop music
    justin bieber-tween fan obsession

    Although hes at the top of his game im unsure how long it will last.I think justin might disapear after the next obseesion takes over.m.j is a LEGEND.when he died r.i.p micheal jackson was writen on every wall at schhol.would that hapoen with bieber?so will.i.am that is an insult,go have fun with cheryl cole.

  • ihag143j

    i dont think so

  • ihag143j

    i dont think so

  • SJG97
  • mimi

    umm no they said the same about the jonas been the next beatles opps I guess they were wrong their fame already drop! bieber is next!

  • realistgangsta

    hell no i dont agree will.i.am stfu

  • RadiateLove69


  • Wtfx


  • ghaiood


  • xGottaLoveOU?

    LiveLaughLove said:
    um… FUCK NO. You can’t compare Justin Bieber with Michael Jackson. You just CAN’T. Not career wise or anything. He will NEVER be like MJ.
    Thank you! How dare he compare Bieber to the king of pop! -mad-

  • whiplash

    Do YOU agree?

    uh, no

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  • mileydemifan

    That is such an insult! Bieber can NEVER be like micheal jackson! Micheal Jackson is a pop legend! to me bieber is still tat little girl i thought it was a girl singing on the radio when “one time” came out

  • jennacyrus

    Here is the reason of why this is absolutely FALSE. In the first place, MJ’s popularity and sells increased throughout his carreer, while bieber’s is decreasing. Look at justin bieber’s youtube channel. His first videos realeased like baby or one less lonely girl are all above 100million views, his new videos, however hardly even reach the 30millions. While after MJ’s dead A LOT of people were sad even not fans after bieber’s dead I think most of the world will cheer.

  • FCEvans

    As a Michael Jackson fan, I take this as disrespectful.

  • Sparks


  • marinawashiski

    I don’t think Justin will be here for a long time and come on, comparing him to Michael Jackson is stupid.

  • RadiateLove69

    and nicely said, SJG97 and lovemestealmeawayy

  • Clauber

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  • jesse

    I just watched the video and he did not mean that he could be the next MJ or Prince, but that he could have a career just like them There’s a difference. Nobody could ever fill MJ’s or Prince’s shoes, and I don’t think anybody would even try to be honest…

  • Monster27

    MJ is a legend. Sorry Biebs try again.. but being backed by Usher he’ll be around for a while..

  • LiveLaughLove

    um… FUCK NO. You can’t compare Justin Bieber with Michael Jackson. You just CAN’T. Not career wise or anything. He will NEVER be like MJ.

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