Taylor Momsen, ‘I Quit Gossip Girl’


More Lollapalooza pix Grant Park Chicaago @ Taylor-Momsen.Net! r Momsen’s acting days are over! Taylor Momsen told ELLE: ‘I quit Gossip Girl and now tour and am in a band. That’s pretty much all I want to do. Hopefully, I’ll be able to only do that for the rest of my life. [Music] is all I ever wanted to do with my life. I wanted to make records and tour, so it’s very exciting that our first record is coming out and people can actually hear it.’

  • Jen-Sombrotto-Fan

    love her music! :}

  • Untouchable

    and i enjoy show even more now…

  • urluvismydrugg

    Cindy Lou Whooooooooooooo

  • kardashian

    i thought she said she was just on a break from gossip girl, but most likely she got fired i heard no one liked her on set and that she is a brat. either way she kind of ruined her chances of staying relevant because she was only famous from gossip girl, her singing career isn’t that successful

  • Oh SNAP

    She’s done acting? Oh, good. In a few years she’ll be irrelevant.

  • lauragxo

    well i think she’s amazing and love every single thing about her

  • jilti

    I love her music and love her too!

  • fajiaas

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  • musicgirl2222

    Does she always have to weat lingerine, Imean seriously.

  • Fuckyou

    bitch you got fired lol jk jk

  • hello_lovely_much

    her dress reminds me of rihanna’s white cut out cat suit.

  • Anonymous8

    LOVE HER! :]

  • Miricale

    i don’t like her… Taylor has changed…

  • Anonymous8

    & I love her dress!

  • Demiandmileylove

    :/ remember the days when she was cute .. she is only 16 and she looks 21 !

  • marinawashiski

    She’s awesome.

  • askashley

    Aug 16, 2011 @ 02:55 pm
    Demiandmileylove said:
    :/ remember the days when she was cute .. she is only 16 and she looks 21 !
    She’s 18 Now.
    Anyways, that first pic is a really weird angel of her, but she still looks pretty

  • Anonymous-

    Why should she get to play lolla while other bands have been at it way longer than her and have worked harder?