• keylee_lovatic20

    paps are really creepy >.<

  • Demiandmileylove

    Well that guestion took very long XD he didn’t get an answer !

  • jianbaoas

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  • DreamBig

    her car is so hot

  • EvaSnow

    Her hair is so shiny! Too bad it’s fake :(

  • Demiandmileylove

    EvaSnow said:

    Her hair is so shiny! Too bad it’s fake :(

    I love her hair :) but not all of it is fake i think from the shoulders is fake ..

  • Fannie Mae

    The first part of the video she looked like one of those crackhead bums doing drugs on the sides of buildings…(yes I’ve seen them try to hide the fact that they are shooting up)…I didnt recognize it was Demi!! (love her)

  • Anonymousness

    At first I thought, “Wtf is the salon named Nine Zero One for? wth..” and then I saw at the end….and I had that face on like… “Ooooh I see what you did thurrrr!!!”

  • xotrinireinaxo

    lol those paps are so creepy at times lol! thank god i’m not famous! i would be one nervous wreck lol! esp when driving away from them lol!