Joe Jonas Talks ‘I’m Sorry’ Speculation

Joe Jonas live chat on Ustream, Aug. 19 @ 5 PM PT/ 8pm ET.

Joe will perform @ mtvU VMA 2011 Lifebeat Concert on Aug. 27.

  • iamruth


  • lov2shop123

    Well what about Taylor Swift? Joe kinda did the “Demi.” He dated Taylor and then moved on to Camilla Bell.

  • BrokenArrow

    What did he said?
    I really like that song and if it’s for Demi is gonna make me like it more.

  • demi4life

    thats soo about demi!!!

  • shanghai123

    Think he might like Demi back as a friend only dont think he was into dating her at all from his body language when they were out. Plus he moved on quickly to the hot gorgeous Ashley so he was not sorry at all except about the loss of friendship.

  • chingjang

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