Joe Jonas See No More Seaside Heights


  • danger

    i love him hes so adorable <3

  • jonashead705

    I sometimes feel like giving up on them :(
    Americans complain all the time about JB yet they haven’t toured Australia, New Zealand, Asia before just think they’ll never tour here :(

  • paparazzigirl

    I can’t wait for his tour!!!

  • Dodah_J

    jonasobsess said:

    I will see him in 5 days !!!!!

    I envy you :'( have fun :D <3 and tell Joe i said hi :3

    anyways he looks so happy preforming <3 i’m so glad he’s having fun <3 so far my favorite song of fast life is love slayer SUCH AN AWESOME SONG!!! and he sounds good singing it live :D

  • baizhias

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  • angelsmith90

    I am eagerly waiting for his tour ….

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  • jonasobsess

    I will see him in 5 days !!!!!

  • kissandtell_

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    Thanks a million x

  • Saywhat.not

    I love him! he is my hottie and would be foreveeeer!