Miley Cyrus TOP COVER OF 2011 So Far


Credit: WWD.

  • marinawashiski

    My friend brought that magazine from the States to me, Miley looks gorgeous in that cover.
    Congrats Miley <3
    You mad, gorgeousselena?

  • kardashian

    go miley she beat everyone else..
    if the sales are down on someones specific cover does that mean that magazine won’t have that celebrity on the cover again? or what?

  • keylee_lovatic20

    may to go miley !! :)

  • themilenator


  • Selgbiebsfan

    Wow she doesn’t have any competition obviously

  • BrokenArrow


  • Miley RiRi

    awesome <33

  • hotbody

    Selgbiebsfan said:

    Wow she doesn’t have any competition obviously
    Haha, I think you’re wrong because there was Gaga, Katy and even Kim K and she stil beat them up.

  • Sparks

    Obviously :)
    U mad, haters? still mad :)

  • realistgangsta

    yay miley slaying your fav’s

  • DreamBig

    i loved that cover miley looked gorgeous

  • BrokenArrow

    lol i just remembered i bought that magazine

  • GabilovesMiley

    Of course, she’s a fucking Goddess :D