Justin Bieber Positive Philadelphia Meet


From @molliedronsonand: In Philadelphia I saw Kenny walk out, followed by Justin & Selena, with their arms around each other. We ran back over, (we were literally the only 2 fans there) and I was screaming ‘Justin Justin!’ but the security kept pushing us away telling us that they were on a strict time schedule.

I tried to ask Kenny if we could get a picture with them but he didn’t respond, and my sister made a really disappointed look. Just when I thought that we lost our chance, I see Justin walk over to us, right past the security guards who were..

..telling us no. He came over and my dad took a picture on my phone and also had my sister’s camera so Justin said ‘Take one on that one too!’. Overall he was pretty quiet, but it was the nicest thing that he actually walked right over to us, past all of the security. This has really taught me to Never Say Never.

  • Vase
  • Grease


  • kardashian

    i doubt they were on a tight schedule its not like he was working..
    and i find it funny how everyone always wants a picture with justin but never with selena.. (i mean yeah her fans want pictures with her.. but it seems when she’s with justin everyone only wants to take a picture with him when they could ask for a picture with both of them)

    and of course he was quiet, i doubt he even really talks with his fans when he meets them because its awkward and he wouldn’t know what to say to them because there strangers.

  • Nicki Minaj

    he’s wearing a pittsburgh hat in phili…

    do you want to get shot?

  • loops

    The girl on the right looks exactly like Katie Stevens. Holy Shit.
    and, Grease, That was rude and unnecessary.

  • Takes1toKno1

    Tight schedule? Yeah ok. I fucking hate his security team. They should worry about people that seem threatening not a couple of girls.
    I’m glad at least Justin has a say in things. Smh

  • lov2shop123

    @loops OMG your right!! Scary!

  • bolka5

    miley cyrus is in jail!!

  • bolka5

    miley cyrus is in jail!!

  • lovemestealmeawayy

    kind of look like rebecca black the girl on the right…but not really lol
    but for once he actually goes out of the way to meet fans…other then just ignoring them. that was nice kudos for you bieber. your still in the high negatives though..