Taylor Swift Jason Mraz I’M YOURS Duet

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  • ludybella

    I was at the concert this night at the Staples Center and my camera was stolen! If you know anyone who found a silver Canon SD1400is with a black wrist strap on 8/24 please reply! I really want it back or at least just the memory card with all my pictures on it! :'(

  • miley is my home dog

    i love jason so much and he has the most beautiful voice on this earth. i also love the jonas brothers but introducing me can’t be taken seriously and they did rip him off. even though they most likely didn’t even write that song. this just gives me another reason to not like taylor haha jealous!!!!!

  • SuckMyAnonDick

    Wow amazeballs

  • BrokenArrow


  • GoMileyGo

    A wish come true! :]

  • Better then Revenge

    i love them both soo much :D

  • Kiah13

    Yeah, but the thing is, he’s right… Jonas Brothers did rip off his song and Introducing Me is not great. Mraz is straight up real.

  • UlitmateAnon

    LOL. Didnt Jason Mraz just diss the Jonas brothers a while ago saying introducing sucked and how they ripped him off! ? LOL Hes so lame

  • gorgeousselena

    woww love it! i love jason mraz! can someoen tell me this tour is different or another one that she did in europe an asia early this year?

  • JJlover

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW :) Freaking out’ I love the live version in abbey road when she mixed Fearless & I’m yours <3

  • Grease

    not true^^

  • loops

    MY BABY!!!!