Tis, ‘Why Do I Think I Can Eat Whatever..’


Ashley Tisdale may have eaten too much while traveling she Tweeted ‘Honestly why do I think i can eat whatever I want when I travel.. Especially when I travel a lot!‘ To make up for eating too much she went to the gym. Photos: Fame.

  • Vase
  • Vase
  • CeCe21
  • CeCe21
  • teazure

    Uh. She’s the size of a fucking pickle. She should really consider shutting up, since obviously she can eat whatever she wants.

  • MileySnuggle

    Why is she still relevant its not like she’s doing anything interesting.

  • omg wtf lolz

    let’s hope she isn’t being sucked into the whole size 0 thing.

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  • You Were Thinking It

    Does she do anything other than go to the gym?

  • teazure

    She shops. Her life is super ~eventful~.

  • CeCe21
  • CeCe21
  • oceanUP

    she is too skinny tho, nessa looks healthier

  • loops


  • memi trumps sel

    I honestly think this girl has an eating disorder

  • rainbow3000

    I like her body

  • kardashian

    she is obsessed with her weight.