Rachel Furner Skyscraper Demi Cover

She is close friends with Nick Jonas.

  • Jimmy

    I am so amazed by her!! She just is beautiful and so talented. Check out her youtube official. She’s British right? Nick Jonas seems to really rate her, Can’t wait for the album!!

  • lov2shop123

    LambertGeek- It’s called changing it to make it sound like her own so she could have done the beginning any way she wanted it.

    I loved it!! She has an amazing voice and I can see her doing this song as well as Demi, but no one can top Demi no matter how good you are. But I loved it!!

  • LambertGeek

    Not that good really.
    It’s suppose to be a soft song at the beginning and she’s pushing it too hard.

  • Marycha
  • SmellsLikeTeenSpirt

    She has a pretty good voice :D

  • Sinnamin

    Not bad. takes balls to try to sing a Demi song