Benni is Rebecca Black’s friend from FRIDAY music video.

  • CottonCandy

    I bet she was like “oh well rebecca made a song and it went viral and now shes well known so im just gonna make a song and perhaps ill end up like her” hated by everyone… Shes clearly autoned as hell..

  • CottonCandy

    people should stop treating this Rebecca girl like a celeb and she should stop acting like one especially that she is well known for the wrong reasons which is money and not talent! She needs to face the real world and understand that thats not how things go and money doesnt buy talent. And if shes well known for the wrong reasons… Shes gonna end up in wrong places..hated by the society

  • koolkatashes

    im sorry but the video didnt go wit tha music at all

  • CottonCandy

    this is just awful..

  • iamruth

    lol trying to feed off rebecas blacks fame are we?

  • dilemma

    she sings too ?
    how old is she ? she looks so old
    I know she’s the elbow dance girl in pink from friday
    when did she become s singer ? o.O

  • dilemma

    LOL guys watch the music video there is a mom kicking her son out of the house cause he’s making out with anothr guy xD

  • SmellsLikeTeenSpirt

    This is horoffic :L :L

  • thefuturemrsnickjonas

    she not only looks old as dirt in this but just like her friend….has no talent

  • Untouchable

    this is the one that was on the left?

  • Taste.The.Rainbow

    The song is about like things that happen to people Off of SixBillionSecrets

  • Fuckyou

    the vieo has a great ,message but she’s talk