Demi Lovato stays hydrated with a Kombucha drink after shopping at American Apparel & Timeless in LA. She has reportedly gotten over an eating disorder & fans have noticed the weight gain. She fired back on Twitter against the ‘haters’ and wears an anti-drug t-shirt ‘The Only Coke I Do Is Diet’. PacificCoastNews.

  • mileyqueen

    I lovelovelove her outfit and all, but her nails really are scary xD Did she get inspired by Miley? I mean, Miley used to wear these kinda Hippie outfits :P

  • FrancyJonasGomez

    Her face looks flawless!

  • Selly G

    her sunglasses remind my of the one jackson wore in one of the hannah montana episode while pretending to be ozzy osbourne

  • xGottaLoveOU?

    she look so cute :) so happy for her<3

  • loading

    Hey everyone im new here . I mean my friend made this account but never used it so gaved it to me lol C: my name is vivian. Nice to meet ya.?(:

  • TrishaDeRose
  • Dodah_J

    her nails …..

  • JonasExplode

    Dodah_J said:

    her nails …..
    They’re awful! right? ughh, they scare me too D: loll.

  • -samsmiles

    awk why is this a post I doubt people care she was drinking something.. call the news stations.

  • AnnaM

    Love her jewelry..she`s hot..and I`m a girl..haha!

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  • xBuh-Bubblesx

    Hah Demi, again with the heels and shades : )

  • AcidPinkLemonade

    Again with the anti-drug tshirts….

  • oceanUP


  • Katniss10

    I hatE

  • oceanUP

    people should be in here instead of the bieber post

  • Selly G

    ^^ IKR!!!

  • lov2shop123

    At fist I thought she had three arms, but then realized there was a person behind her. LAMO!

  • JustinBieberWarrior

    she looks pretty

  • thefuturemrsnickjonas

    lov2shop123 said:

    At fist I thought she had three arms, but then realized there was a person behind her. LAMO!


    it does look like she has a 3rd arm haha