Joe Jonas Fast Life Friday LIVE CHAT

Joe on his new film: ‘It’s a little bit of a darker film, a little bit of an older film. It’s a passion project. It’s still too bare bones to kind of speak what it’s about, but I’m really looking forward to diving in with it.’

  • TrishaDeRose
  • Dodah_J

    1:01 Joe: what have we been doing this week?

    guy: Taylor swift concert ..
    Joe: -smiles- what else?

    lol ..

    Joe is so sweet..

  • purplekoolaid

    joe is so effin amazing! alot of people have said hes changed since the jo bros first started, but you can till hes the same sweeet, goofy, kind kid he always was…not gonna lie, i think his head got kinda inflated for a period there but its nice to see hes come back down to earth

  • Hibz.

    LOL @ the Taylor Swift thing!

    “….. What else?”

    Joe should’ve actually elaborated on that to be honest, cause now he might get hated on for acting like he didnt want to talk about her.

    BUT I don’t care for Taylor, so it doesn’t bother me. Lol.

    And that was really nice of him to give away tickets. xD
    I should ask him on his next live chat to call me. Then I’ll tell him I can’t make the tour cause I’m from Australia.
    Then he’ll offer to fly me out.

    … Then we’ll meet.

    … and get married …


    And before people tell me to get real, I’m obviously joking. haha. I do hope he comes to Australia though. It’s not like Australia is fucking Narnia or something. The Jonases avoid it like a plague LOL.

  • riddlex3

  • paparazzigirl

    Awww how could someone not like him? So sweet :D

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  • Jonas88


  • Dodah_J

    ^hahaha that’s exactly what happened to me xD

  • JJlover

    awwww <3 So Sweet :)

  • Truthurts

    100$ How the movie is gonna have at least one sex explicit scene.

  • frenchy

    hello Girls :)

    someone can tell me that what he says before ” no comment ..” to 09mn57 ???
    please ! ( beacause im french, don’t understand, he speaks so FAST =s ) Lol

  • Grease

    100$ How the movie is gonna have at least one sex explicit scene.
    i was thinking the same thing!!

  • Grease

    100$ How the movie is gonna have at least one sex explicit scene.
    i was thinking the same thing!!

  • Selly G

    He’s soo sweet.

  • liss1

    joe is the best

  • jonashead705

    so sweet of him!

    wish JB would tour Australia :(

  • OhMy…

    OMJ he’s the sweetest, kindest, nicest celebrity I’ve seen. He’s so awesome :)

  • dilemma

    :3 baby
    so sweet of him giving that girl tickets cause she can’t afford them(then everyone was like HEY I CAN’T AFFORD TICKETS TOO )
    and his face when he talks about just in love mv
    and red socks
    yeah that’s pretty much it :P

  • JonasSupporter

    I Love Him SO MUCH AND FOREVER!! :)

  • TakeOnMe

    How cute<3

  • SuckMyAnonDick

    Also at the restaurant: Joe Jonas, who was dining with a female friend.,,20522703,00.html

    Renee Bargh? hmmmmn

  • kardashian

    he’s doing a movie?

  • Sinnamin

    he gave Tori Kelly a shout out! She’s amazing.

  • UlitmateAnon

    I love him so much words cant explain. 5 year stan bitches! I cant wait to see him at the HOB in 2 weeks.