Very Happy 15th Birthday To Zendaya!


Via @Zendaya96.

  • ILoveDavidArchieForever

    I just turned 15 today! We’re the same age! Cool! Haha! Happy Birthday Zendaya! :D

  • beenthere

    OMG, that’s so cool i also turned 15, sep 2!! :)

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  • Sunshinesweetheart

    I thought she she was 13

  • Grease

    I don’t even care about her…

  • lunalovegood

    I though she was like 13/14
    anyway, she’s really cute and way prettier than bella
    happy birthday to her :3

  • xGottaLoveOU?


  • Selly G

    There is a difference between her and bella
    i like zendaya
    but i hate bella

  • Monster27

    Happy Bday Z!

  • thefuturemrsnickjonas

    happy b-day girl. even though yo b-day was yesterday-_- lol

  • ItsallaboutSel

    Doesn’t that mean she’s allowed to date now? Or was that 16?

    Either way, I feel really old right now.

  • -Jenii

    happy birthday cutie