Joe Jonas @ Taylor Swift Concert Video

  • paparazzigirl

    I love how people act like they know everything that happened between Joe and Taylor lol

  • OhMy…

    Team Whatever Joe Fucking Wants… except Jemi :D

  • shanghai123

    Now thats weird maybe he is wanting to get back together to sing a duet or write songs in which case he would just be using Taylor to help his own career. Sometimes people deserve a second chance but dumping her so cruelly because he had met the beautiful Camilla? I think once a cheater always a cheater!!! OK before you say he does not cheat technically yes he does because he always seems to have the next hot girl lined up before he moves on Taylor-Camilla, Demi to Ashley.

  • justlaugh

    JEMI? No, please. Demi has changed SO much. I know alot of you say that Joe has changed, which he has, but Demi went overborad. So no Jemi, no Jaylor. Well in MY opinion of course (:

  • Fancyme

    awww :) cuties < 3 i want them baack togather! but i dont think.. taylor would ever forgive him. Well he kinda deserves it you know.. ohh well.

  • xLoveFearless13

    I wish the video had been of when she was performing either Last Kiss or Better than Revenge, to see the awkwardness on his face haha

  • Dodah_J


    No i hate Jaylor .. I want Jemi back <3

  • UlitmateAnon

    OKay Oceanup we get it. stop posting it over and over lol

  • nileeylovee

    I lovee taylor swift but i dont want them back together.
    I want jemi back

  • loading

    I 100% agree with you :)

  • Grease

    i prefer jemi:)

  • DropTheWorldx

    Jemi needs to never come back. I don’t mind Jaylor, but Jemi’s friendship will never be the same after their relationship.

  • nicholasjonasheart

    I agree with you :) and BTW Jaylor is kind of like funny and Jemi just NO…Never why Jemi?

  • ljs1202

    Joe just needs to move on to someone else and leave ALL the little girls from his past behind!

  • Hibz.

    lol. I love how Joe didn’t wanna talk about this on his live chat. amusing. xD

  • milesdemdem

    I find it suspicious that he drove to San Jose to watch Taylor Swift when he could have watched her in LA where she had 4 shows….I don’t want Jaylor or Jemi to come back, they are dead and need to be buried away

  • Demi Lovato.

    Dammit no.