Vanessa Hudgens REMOVES Extentions


Vanessa Hudgens removed her clip-on hair extensions before entering the Hiro Ballroom in New York City last night, just in time to catch Courtney Love perform a free concert. Photos: INF.

  • kayisl0vex

    ocean up, do you really want to post when she takes in & takes out her extentions?

  • maybelove


  • dilemma

    lol @ oceanup’s “news”
    vanessa hudgens cuts her hair

    vanessa hudgens buys hair

    vanessa hudgens removes extentions

    cause we’re gonna die if we didn’t follow vanessa hudgen’s hair evolution

  • omg wtf lolz

    no1curr about her anymore tbh..

  • Selly G


  • themilenator

    Okay lol
    she still looks beautiful

  • themilenator

    no1curr about her anymore tbh..

    I do.. -_-

  • Chelsea-Rose

    If she had it straightened, it’d be very cute. Very Emma Watson-like. But when she has it curly/not straightened it looks terrible.