Lily Collins featured in Teen Vogue. On her Snow White is: ‘very much a fantasy, but I become a fighter at the end.‘ It’s not like Kristen Stewart’s role Snow White and the Huntsman: ‘I think the audience may very well enjoy seeing two different versions, and I think that Kristen is perfect for hers.’

A third version of the story, Disney’s The Order of the Seven, was announced. Lily will start shooting an adaptation of The Mortal Instruments books, in which she stars as Shadowhunter Clary Fray. Jamie Campbell Bowers will play Jace.

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  • thefuturemrsnickjonas

    i hate how they make disney movies and make them into action fighting movies. stop doing that

  • Oh SNAP

    her eyebrows distract me from her very pretty face.

  • BrokenArrow

    dilemma said:

    she looks like the female version of daniel radcliffe
    but she’s kinda pretty anyway


    lol i thought the same

  • lovemestealmeawayy

    she looked sooo much more prettier before they made her eyebrows thicker…why did they do that? shes really gorg though

  • lovemestealmeawayy

    i don’t think she and taylor are still dating…

  • omg wtf lolz

    She’s really pretty but guuurl I just spent 5 minutes looking at your eyebrows.

  • lovemestealmeawayy

    teen vogue always has the cutest photoshoots. :)

  • dilemma

    she looks like the female version of daniel radcliffe
    but she’s kinda pretty anyway

  • Grease

    She is actually…pretty.

  • BeautifulChaos

    teen vogue photoshoots are always soo awsome and beautiful! and yeah she looks really pretty! :)

  • Grease

    I didn’t like her at the befinning because of her eyebrows but she is really pretty.

  • silentlydream

    I . . . can’t . . . stop . . . looking at her . . . eyebrows *shakes her head*

  • Ranii

    isn’t she Taylor L’s gf?

  • EvaSnow

    Lily is so pretty! <3

    (and yeah she’s Taylor Lautner’s girlfriend)

  • Summers not hot

    She’s Pretty. but i dont like her eyebrows sorry.

  • Mina123

    she is preety but don’t like her eyebrows..!! :)