Demi Lovato ALMA Awards Performer

Demi’s ‘Give Your Heart A Break’ demo by Jaden Michaels.

  • Takes1toKno1


  • shanghai123

    Ah flashing the boobs again!!! If these girls would wear clothes that are less revealing maybe people would focus on their singing not their bodies!!

  • ParisianChic


  • Nick01

    all i see is boobs.

  • xGottaLoveOU?

    gorgeous demi :) <3

  • realistgangsta

    put it away demi

  • maybelove

    omg i love her shes so pretty

  • Truthurts

    The dress is beautiful. And she looks good with long dresses

  • foreverthename

    I like the song so far but the first 30 seconds is alot like Viva la vida

  • ceeeral


  • ADarkLandIsSomewhereIBelong

    I like the demo.

  • hotbody

    This demo sounds great. :}

  • SuckMyAnonDick

    Like the dress. I honestly want to see Demi going public with a boyfriend if she has one or if she doesnt when she’s ready to have a boyfriend again I just want to see her public with him and show pda. I’m tired of just seeing Miam and Jelena and Nelta. I want some pda with Demi too.

  • Demiandmileylove

    That dress was only for that song .. people shut up about the cleavage like Selena and Miley have never done that :/ it’s just for a song well she looks gorgeous !

  • Demiandmileylove

    The song is amazing

  • Demiandmileylove

    And it’s a classy dress !

  • kayisl0vex
  • foreverthename

    I don’t mind cleavage but she shows it too much.
    I know She has every right to dress how she wants but can she not show cleavage every chance she gets? Blah,whatever.The dress is nice though.

  • coolkat5000

    We Get It You Got Rockin’ Boobs
    And i Got Sick From them And Allll those dresses, About Every event we get it

  • foreverthename

    Also-I can’t wait for her new CD so she can stop performing ‘skyscraper ‘ all the time.
    Lovely song,yes,but I’m interested to hear more new songs from her.

  • august

    I love her so much but please keep the cleavage to a minimum.

  • Didijonasmiller

    Literally Demi looks like a lady; now she has got a new body; curvilicious; she should wear dresses which fit in her; i mean she dress so old; she’s only 19! she has to look young, attractive & sophisticated; but i dont know who chooses her dresses they’re horrible… anyways i love her!

  • lovemestealmeawayy

    lol at her boobs

  • Monster27

    Liking her demo song. Kinda catchy the 2nd time around.

  • MileyEqualsAwesome

    Her cleavage actually isn’t as bad as it has been lately at award shows.
    Plus I think she looks a lot better with her makeup not over the top and her bad tan finally.

  • nicholasjonasheart

    boob flash once again

    Demi 2011 events should be tagged Boob spam

    hahaha JS

  • Monster27

    Gotta say too much cleavage.. Demi looks great,but please leave somethings to the imagination children are watching as are young men. Truly lovely ,but modesty is more attractive.

  • mags

    woahhhh boobss

  • nobody_cares

    if she is performing skyscraper with that dress, i think it’s kinda goes against the meaning of the song, but still she looks beautiful, but her cleavage is too much(in the case that she is performing skyscraper) IMO

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    Sep 11, 2011 @ 05:31 pm
    nobody_cares said:

    if she is performing skyscraper with that dress, i think it’s kinda goes against the meaning of the song, but still she looks beautiful, but her cleavage is too much(in the case that she is performing skyscraper) IMO

    Its just a dress. give her a break.

  • SaltyBubblegum

    She really is an inspiration to a lot of people, age whatever, but she needs to tone down on the cleavage. I mean, she’s gorgeous, but since she’s a “role model” to younger kids, um… I don’t personally have a problelm with it, but… I don’t know. This comment’s irrelevant.

  • weirdo


  • Trainups

    WOW people are rediculous. First it was wear clothing that fit and don’t show everything. Now that Demi is wearing clothes that fit and is only showing some awesome breasts, covered from head to toe people want her to cover up more or pulling put that old phrase “you are a role model to kids”. I am sure that eveyone have been saying that Disney kids,even Demi has said that they shouldn’t be considered “role models”.Kids can learn from their actions or mistakes on what to do or not do but do NOT imitate them.
    Demi is 19 yrs old. Teens younger than her and women older than her dress in more revealing stuff.
    Give the girl some breathing room. She has bigger breasts now since she put on weight and she is more comfortable in her skin. Let her breathe.

  • AcidPinkLemonade

    Demi, we know you have boobs, there’s no need to show them off.

  • kayisl0vex

    everyone has boobs if you push up your boobs. lol

  • Dash

    Her chest looks disgusting. I don’t get why she keeps trying to push her boobs up & make all that cleavage. You look a lot better when it’s toned down, like in the last picture.

  • Demiandmileylove

    I always thought her rib tattoo was smaller. lol

    I think she added to feathers to it ;)

  • Demiandmileylove

    People are only talking about her boobs .. and how she has pushes them up i don’t even think she does that THAT much .. i am cup A and if a want to push up my boobs i don’t even get them so big like this !

  • JoeHoe15

    WOW, Demi.

  • thefuturemrsnickjonas

    demi over there killin it;) oh god you guys we get it the boobs. tons of you are gonna comment bout them. we don’t need to hear it from every single one of ya

  • James1

    Demi looks awesome in that red dress. Very nice.

  • mileyqueen

    it looks like she pissed in her dress LOL but other than that hide yo b00bz.

  • ThisTopSecret

    Leave her breast out of it really
    So what her boobs are showing
    Demi is amazing<3

  • PuureVanity

    boobies FTW! anyways she looks really pretty

  • CottonCandy

    No the dress is too revealing..

  • lovelikewoe