Vanessa Hudgens Frozen Ground Role


Vanessa Hudgens will costar with Nicolas Cage in new thriller Frozen Ground, reports Deadline. Frozen Ground is the story of Alaska’s most infamous serial killer, Robert Hansen, a respected family man in the community he abducted & hunted women in the wilderness over the course of 12 years.

John Cusack who will play Hansen with Vanessa playing a victim that manages to escape, Cage will play an Alaskan State Trooper who finds the young girl and brings the killer to justice. Production will begin in Anchorage, Alaska on Oct. 17 and will also be the directorial debut of Scott Walker.

  • BrokenArrow

    Whoo hoo another role for nessa!

  • CottonCandy

    i was focusing on the bandage.. I wanted to know if it was winnie the pooh :P

  • themilenator

    Sounds good for her:)

  • purplekoolaid

    who the hell wears 5 inch wedges while riding a bicycle?!?!? weirdo…

  • Fannie Mae

    LMAO at that pic

  • lovemestealmeawayy

    uhh with nicholas cage…the worse actor ever.. sigh

  • mfan2

    I would pay to see Vanessa in a Broadway musical. She should try singing standard, because I think she has the voice for it.

    @lovemestealmeawayy: Your icon of Miley is one of my faves!

  • foreverthename

    Actually sounds good.But I really dislike Nicolas Cage.